Sensual Saturday: Have Some Dignity $itches

Good Things

And that is sure as hell true for the BAD ones too!

Today, we are talking about one of my pet peeves…women, who chase men and/or tolerate unacceptable behaviors in order to keep them. As the title says…

Have some dignity, Bitches!

I know…coming from someone, who values love and commitment, and a sub to boot? It just does not seem right, does it?

Here is a secret that might surprise you…I have been the one to end every major relationship I ever had…except one.

And that one time? He texted me…I don’t think I am the right Dom for you. Did this girl kick and scream, beg and plead? Hell, I did not even complain about the immature and inappropriate way that he ended it. I simply texted back…Yeah, I have been wondering the same thing myself. Want to remain friends?  He replied ‘no’ and that was that. Well, except for the once a year message, when he happens to remember what a fucking good thing he let get away…and I always respond the same way…Yeah, I’m good.

So what brought this tirade on, you ask?

My vanilla friends! The same women that roll their eyes and snicker at my submissive nature. One of them has been cheated on…and she is begging and pleading him to come back. She won’t even take my texts or calls because she knows she is going to get an earful. And the other? Has been trying to kick hers out…the whole time I have known her. He is still there…despite some VERY unacceptable behaviors.

Hell, I may be a sub…but they are subservient. And that, folks, is NOT a good thing.

The thing is that women (men too, but this seems to be more a girl thing) need to always have lines drawn in the sand…things that you will NOT tolerate. Back in my ‘preacher’s wife’ days, I heard it put well…that which you can tolerate, you will have to. In other words, if you are willing to put up with bull shit then that is what you are going to get…bull shit.

So what is Tara’s line in the sand? Being taken for granted. This girl knows her worth…and this one says it well…


I may need Thor, but I don’t NEED him or anyone enough to be taken for granted, cheated on, or placed number two in terms of priority (except for your kids and/or if we agree that I am a secondary). End of story. I have way too much self-respect, self-esteem and self-worth to put up with bull shit.

Yeah, I know that really does not sound very submissive. Hell, it sounds down right like the feminist bull shit I deride. And you know what? It is!

My ex, the preacher, used to say of his lesbian mother that he was so far right and she was so far left that they met in the middle. That is how feminists and I come to agree on this one.

Because you see, I agree with them on something else too…what are these women teaching their daughters about their value as women, lovers and partners?

Do whatever you have to, to hold onto a man. 

What the fuck? Not this girl! I may choose to kneel. I may enjoy serving my man. I may be most comfortable submitting to your will. But only for as long as you deserve it and respect me.

And that is what it comes down to…how it is that the feminist and I meet in the middle on this one. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! I have written about it before and I am damned sure that I will again, but the truth is that it and not love is the solid basis of all relationships…D/s, vanilla, parent/child, even friendship.

Here is something else to consider too, girls…he is never going to respect you until you respect yourself. So grow a set. Put on those big girl panties. Stand up for yourself. In short…


No man is worth it…NO man (or woman for that matter). And that is what I am teaching my girls by drawing those lines in the sand and kicking those men to the curb when they cross them. And that is what I want them to know…their self-worth as women and especially in relationships.

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