Thoughtful Thursday: Just the Beginning

While this is the final installment of my ten part series on planning for a new You in the New Year, it really is just the beginning…for me and I hope for you too. Now it is time to get down to the tough business of making all those dreams come true…and as I do battling Fate’s sadistic ass. I love when I do get one over on him.

So what thought do I want to leave you with?


That is what I am doing right now, folks. Last night, I bought some things to fix up my flat…to make it as liveable as it can be until… I am also making my To-Do list for this first month of the year. And finishing up old projects from 2015…those quilts and Christmas presents.

I won’t torture you with an audio file but…

She’s making her lists…

She’s checking it thrice…

She’s deciding when to be naughty and nice…

The all REAL Tara Neale is coming to life.

Oh, and my ex’s girlfriend got me the most amazing Christmas present EVER.


Ain’t those the most awesome Big Girl Panties for 2016?

I am determined to fill them well.

So tell me…what are your dreams and plans for 2016?


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