Tease Tuesday: Bullseye

So far in this series, we have dreamed big, taken a long hard look at reality, plotted a course to get from where we are to where we want to go, and then broken that course down into manageable objectives. Feeling ready to conquer the world yet?

Good…now for another of those reality checks. Know what percentage of my goals I reached last year?

About 50%. And that is just fine.

Moon and Stars

In fact, IF you do make all your goals then one of two things…

  1. You did not set ambitious enough goals…or worse yet…
  2. You focused so much on your goals that you forgot to actually live your life.

And neither of those are a good thing.

Here is the story of one man I admire, who actually did that second one…and what the experience taught him:


Those lessons are pretty spot on actually.

So why do it at all? Why did I waste all this time listening to you, Tara?

Two things really…

First of all, like that saying goes…shoot for the moon. There is another one that says it a bit better,

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Goins had it right there in bold letters in the middle of his blog…

Happiness is a byproduct of purpose.

This whole thing has been about discovering your purpose…your destination…your dreams. And if you don’t reach that goal this year, well that is not only okay…it is expected.

Enjoy your journey. Stop and smell them roses. Listen to your child. Share a cup of coffee with your friends. Laugh. And above all…

LOVE with your whole heart. Not because they deserve it, but because you do. 

Then in the end…you will have no regrets…whether you made all those lofty goals or not.

One more thing to remember though…focus on the IMPORTANT TO YOU goals. The ones that give your life purpose, make you happy and fulfilled.

Tomorrow, we talk about some tools that you can use to help you achieve those goals.

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