Miscellaneous Monday: Objectives

Yesterday, we looked at my practical, ‘hard’ writing goals for 2016. Today, we go that next step and turn our goals into objectives.

What is an objective you ask?

A specific result that a person or system aims to achieve within a time frame and with available resources.  (Business Dictionary)

12122514_10153674395039785_4679972285193834019_nIF I refused to put time limits or be specific in my goals…well, objectives are the place to do so. Objectives are about pulling out calendars and budgets and setting them side-by-side with those goals. It is about looking at exactly how the hell am I going to get this job done?

For my finances…my 12-month budget will be my objectives. And for environment? Well, at this point that one is still more dream than practical. Since we have a barely adequate roof over our heads and will be making do with that for now, my objectives are going to be a photo collage of used RVs that are in my price range. That is the next step…

But it is also the file on my laptop that contains all the pictures of interesting decor that I might want to include in Rainbow’s End one day…but that day is just too far off to know anything for certain.

So what do those writing goals look like when broken down into objectives?

Release 9 new books this year (2 Sergeant Mike’s, Rings of Fire, 3 Njords, Priestesses of the Goddess, Nothing Done in Love plus 1 more)

  • February (before Valentine’s Day): Njord’s Captive – Complete but requires MAJOR writes and professional edit as well as cover (erotica)
  • Late March: Njord’s Bride – Complete with some re-writes, edits and cover (erotica)
  • Mid April (for Earth Day): Rings of Fire –50% (sci-fi/end of world romance)
  • May (for Memorial Day): Sergeant Mike Book 4 –To be written 0% (military romance)
  • June: Njord’s Wife – 25% (erotica)
  • Late June (4th of July): Nothing Done in Love – 50% still have to do the guys’ side of things (military erotica)
  • August (for 9/11): That Morning -25% (literature)
  • Late September: Priestesses of the Goddess – 75%+ (sci-fi/fantasy romance)
  • November (for Veteran’s day): Sergeant Mike Book 5 – To be written 25% from An Angel’s Wish…or maybe An Angel’s Wish becomes a prologue, then Trav and Keisha have their own romance story and finally Mike and Esther visit? (military romance)
  • Plus ??? Night Walker’s Woman, Fall of Man, Zombie Soldiers

One story/chapter per week at Literotica

  • Ægir’s Wife – 2 per month until finished (approximately April)
  • Night Walker’s Woman – 1 per month
  • Fall of Man – 1 per month
  • Forbidden Fruit? Small Town Secrets? Sommer Lovin’?

Monthly newsletter

  • Exclusive story/chapter
  • Follow-up/more in-depth to blog
  • Latest news/updates on releases
  • Contest

Daily blog (transferred to more powerful platform and domain name)

  • Miscellaneous Mondays (REAL Man?)
  • Tease Tuesdays
  • REAL Woman Wednesdays
  • Thoughtful Thursdays
  • Freaky Fridays
  • Sensual Saturdays
  • Serious Sundays

3 to 5 Facebook posts per day – only one sales

  • REAL life things that are intimate (personal) – crafts, parenting, relationships
  • Military stuff (personal and Sergeant Mike)
  • Updates/teases on writing (author)
  • Blog snippets (personal and author)

3 Tweets per day

  • Quote of the day
  • Meme of the day
  • Blog updates
  • Writing related

$100 per month paid advertising budget

  • Book Gorilla for all new releases ($50 to $200 – only Amazon though?)
  • AllRomance ($50 to $200 – OmniLit and AllRomance only)
  • Investigate and trial other options (up to $30)
  • In addition to Tribe Writers and BookDaily

Can I do it? Is this realistic within the time frame and available resources (time and money among them)?

Well, that is what we will look at in more detail tomorrow…But this should give you some ideas of how to turn those lofty goals into practical objectives…or at least an idea of what you can expect from the All REAL Tara Neale in the coming year.

Did your favorite book/series make the cut? If not, scream at me…let me know what you want more of! I’ll see what I can do with my copious free time…LOL!


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