Festive Friday: All I Want for Christmas…

Actually no, but one Christmas my youngest son was missing his front teeth. His older brothers and sister kept singing this song to him. Poor kid was afraid that his teeth was all Santa would bring him.

And I am not going with the trite world peace either. When you think about it, given human nature there is really only a couple of ways that is likely to happen…1) alien invasion unites all humanity aka Independence Day or 2) a strong world dictator (the biblical anti-Christ type) removes all our freedoms and forces it on us. We can all hope for a new enlightment…a jump in human evolution.

But actually, my wish this year would do that. In 2016, I want ACCEPTANCE. 

Acceptance for…

  • My autistic daughter when she has a meltdown…when she is in her special needs buggy…when she can’t stop talking.
  • My curvy daughter that just would not look good as a size zero anyway…yes, she goes to the gym. Hell, she is a Tough Mudder. So no, she is not just lazy.
  • My special needs adult son that was supposed to never be able to hold a job or live on his own…no one at his work knows that though.
  • My beloved Captain America, who gave so much, is it too much that his service be honored and a bit of understanding for his PTSD.
  • Myself…my crazy, submissive, masochistic self…and the rest of the kinky community.
  • Those struggling with mental health issues and/or chronic health problems.
  • Those in abusive relationships…the male victims as well as the female ones.
  • Those far from home…or not even sure where home is any more.
  • Awwww, hell, even the ‘normal’ people…goddess bless their hearts.

Like I talked about yesterday though…acceptance is one of those things that you cannot wish upon others. You cannot make someone accept you…and you should never have to tolerate their abuse, verbal or violence.

But I can keep hoping, wishing and writing about the tough REAL life issues that affect so many…and maybe just maybe one day this message of ACCEPTANCE will catch on?!?

Until then…Merry Christmas, Happy New Year…may the goddess bless, protect and heal you and yours in 2016.



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