REAL Woman Wednesday: REAL Me

No, I am not getting half naked again for ya’ll. If you want to see that video, then go back through the archives…lol. This is even worse than my curvy, scarred body…this is my brilliant, over-think everything and love it that way mind.

On Monday, we dreamed BIG…lived our ideal life after winning the lottery, inheriting godzillions and writing a best seller. Then yesterday, we came crash back to earth with an honest appraisal of our life at this moment. Those two may seem a million miles apart, but pull both of those papers out and let’s get down to the work of mapping our route from the here and now to that brighter future.

Begin by looking at that dream… Now identify key components of it… Here is mine…

  • Best selling writer
  • My tribe…family, lovers, friends
  • Rainbow’s End (eco-village, hippy commune)
  • Travel

Now look at your Wheel of Life…think about those areas. Which ones already exist in one degree or another in your life.

My writing corner at Rainbow’s End

Best selling writer (Career and Finances on the Wheel of Life) – I am a writer…and though I am nowhere near those best-selling lists or the fame in that dream, I have taken some key steps in that direction. This year I published or -re-released four ebooks. So while I may have a long way to go, I am moving in the right direction…if slowly.

My tribe (Family/Friends and Love on my Wheel) – I won’t say this one is complete, but it is definitely further along than writer. I have awesome children, scattered around the world. I have not one, but two REALly wonderful men/lovers/Doms in my life…and a beautiful, genuine protegee. I have irksome but likeable friends…locally and online. And those are increasing with new reader/friends every day.

Kitchen/family room Rainbow’s End

Rainbow’s End (physical environment on the Wheel of Life) – Zero, zilch, nada here. I am stuck in one of the most unfriendly major cities in the world…in a country that is not my own and where I have never felt I belong. This is about as far as it gets from those acres of wooded land, surrounded by my tribe, and living a sustainable country life.

Travel (Leisure on the Wheel) – I got to go back home for 10 days this year to visit Captain America. That was the first time I had been on holiday in seven years. So while the answer is not zilch, it ain’t far off, folks.

That accounts for six areas or pieces of the pie on my Wheel of Life. Only Health and Growth are not represented. And come to think of it, travel might also include elements of growth. And Health could tie into living more simply?

OK…so now we know where we are going…where we are…and the approximate distance between the two. We can now begin to map a course between them.

But that is for tomorrow…



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