Freaky Friday: NOT!

There has been absolutely, positively nothing Freaky this Friday…and that is strange for this girl. But today was PanKwake’s annual Christmas party. So I had half a dozen extra kids today. I cooked. I made plaster of paris Santa molds. I sewed stockings. And then I cleaned it ALL up.

I wrote my blog this morning…and the computer lost it. Argh! Now I am exhausted and in pain…and NOT the good kind. So I am cheating… I am simply going to share with you one of my favorite memes.


So what do you think? Yes? No? Maybe so?

3 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: NOT!

    1. WARNING: To my readers…his ideas are a bit more hardcore than you usually read…even on MY blog. BUT he has some interesting role play suggestions to spice things up. So I thought it was worth sharing…but like I said (and he does too) NOT for the faint of heart.

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