Serious Sunday: Angel Trees

This week I was reminded of another reason why I miss home so damned much. I saw a post from one of my author crushes Kallypso Masters (if you are one of my Sergeant Mike fans…then you MUST read her Rescue Me series. Heck, her Marines are even Doms.)

She had gotten an angel off a tree for a child in need. She wanted Shopkins and Kally had no idea what those were. Now PanKwake is a HUGE Shopkins fan, so I messaged Kally on Facebook making suggestions. AND she responded…it was like Santa came to see me.

But the point is giving should be like that…personal.

In this modern age of direct debits and using your phone to make a donation, we have lost the true warmth that comes with taking that angel off the tree and worrying, ‘am I getting this child what s/he wants?’

This child becomes REAL to you. Like your own son/daughter, niece/nephew or grandchild. It is not just a few dollars/pounds/euros/pesos/yen/whatever. He or she is a person, a little human…a child. And for that moment, they become YOUR child too.

A FEW of PanKwake’s Shopkins collection. Yes, I said a few, folks!

And that lasts…even after you hand that toy in to the cashier or drop it in the box…or if you are REALly lucky, give it to a sexy Marine. Where were we? Sorry, I got distracted thinking of pics of Captain America in his uniform.

Oh yes, just like that, you can be sitting around the tree with your family, sipping coffee or hot chocolate on Christmas morning and suddenly you smile. Your mind thinks, ‘I wonder if s/he liked those Shopkins I bought?’

That is NOT something that happens when you drop a couple of dollars (or a lot of them) in a barrel…use your phone to text a donation…or write a check. Only when you invest your time as well as your money into someone or something.

I have loved Kallypso’s writing for years…her books are what woke up the submissive inside of me. While my journey into the REALity of BDSM has been far less romantic than her books, but that is REAL life…and things are definitely looking up with Captain America and Thor. But after reading about the thought she put into her little angel…I respect the woman as much as I love her writing.

Toys for Tots

So if you loved my story, An Angel’s Wish, or my Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour novella series…check out Kally’s Rescue Me books.

And follow her example…IF you can get over to your local store with that Christmas tree with those angels and pick one of your own. Or just go and buy a toy and drop it off at the Toys for Tots collection at your local mall with a HOT Marine in uniform. For a list of those locations…click here.

Not only is Toys for Tots a Marine Corps charity, close to 97% of donations go directly to the children and families in need. But no cheating with the donate online button, folks. Unless, like me, you just can not physically do so.

Give for REAL…from your heart…your time as well as your money. And imagine that little boy’s or girl’s smile as you surround yourself with family this Christmas.

Goddess bless and protect us all,


Oh my goddess…I forgot…Kally has a special on the boxed set of Books 1 to 3 of Rescue Me…only 99 cents. More than 1300 pages in three full-length novels…all with happily ever after endings. For less than a dollar!?! Run, folks, run and get it while it lasts.

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