Miscellaneous Monday…What Do You See?

OK…As I said, I have run out of brave souls to pester for REAL Man Monday…and REAL Woman Wednesday, so until I can find a ‘few good men’ I will mix things up with miscellaneous thoughts. Primarily from my growing collection of Facebook memes.

Here is today’s:

What does this REALly say?

Many years ago, I read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by the late Stephen Covey. In it, he spoke about the power of your paradigm. In other words…how you see something.

He told the story of being on a train one quiet Sunday morning. A man got on with three children. He and the other people got quite agitated because the man just seemed to be sitting there while his children were all over the place. Eventually Covey said something to him. The man looked up and apologized. He explained that they were coming from the hospital where his wife had just died.

Talk about putting SHIT into perspective. No longer was the man a neglectful father of little unruly monsters. Suddenly, those same people became a family in crisis.

That is a big example, but there are loads of them every day. Our day…and ultimately our life…is as much about how you chose to see the things that happen to you as those things themselves. And that is not always easy…

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