Sensual Saturday…#1 Thing That All Men Need

That’s right…today is ladies’ day on my blog. You, guys, can listen quietly and nod…or even argue me down if I am wrong, but I don’t think I am. Today, I am going to tell you the number one thing that your man needs more than your love…or even a good morning blow job that is better than a porn star’s. Sound pretty weird? Needs more than love or blow jobs!?! What could possibly be more important than those to my man?


That’s right, respect. If we, women, crave affection and security, then men need your respect. They need for you to trust them to make decisions for your good. They need you to not question their authority. And hand in hand with that…they need you not to fucking nag all the time. Those are all things that are part of showing him that respect.

Yeah, but you don’t get it, Tara. He just doesn’t do things right. He can’t handle money. He isn’t good with the kids the way I am. Hell, I can change a light bulb better than he does.

No, what you mean is…he does not do things YOUR way. But who says your way is the only way? Or even the best way? Have you truly given him a chance?

Have you ever wondered why those silly air-head women, who can’t seem to tie their own shoes without a man, always end up with the best ones? The man that will do anything for her. Even when she abuses that power. Because she knows this secret…she treats him like her hero…and he acts like it.

I have shared before that I grew up on the cusp of time. My generation and I were the first of the ‘fatherless’ as divorce became more prevalent and socially acceptable in the 70s. But at the same time I was raised predominantly by my great-grandmother in a neighborhood of REAL 50s housewives and ‘Leave It to Beaver’ families that were all grown up.

And it was from these women that I learned this secret…respect will get you what you want every single time. It is a thousand times more effective than nagging. I promise you.

The problem is that we have forgotten how to trust them to be men. You see if women are hardwired to be nurturing and loving then men are equally driven by a need to protect and cherish. That means that they will always seek out that woman, who looks up at them with those stars in her eyes…that makes them her hero. That trusts them to take care of things.

Thing is that we have been brain washed to believe that being a strong woman means we ‘don’t need no man.’ That as a perfume jingle from my childhood says…

I can bring home the bacon. Fry it up in the pan. And never ever let you forget the romance. Cause I’m a woman….

Except we can’t. We cannot be everything to everyone. And you know what…neither can he. Yes, I know that every feminist out there wants to back track my IP address and stone me to death. And every misogynist is fisting pumping the air.

But you see, I am a true feminist. I believe that equality is NOT being forced to be like a man in order to be of value or strong. I believe that true equality is valuing those traits that are uniquely female and placing them on the same level as male ones like greed and conquering.

Now that is a LOVE letter most men can really get into

Somewhere along the way though the feminist movement lost sight of being…feminine…and celebrating that. It forced us to be in the boardroom and demeaned those women who choose a different, more traditional path. It stuck us in suits and ties. It preached a doctrine of greed…that more is good. Conquer the world. Do it alone. Because a REAL woman don’t need no man.

You know what? If you believe that, then that is exactly what you will end up with…NO MAN. Oh, you might have a relationship. He might even have a penis. But his balls are missing. He has been neutered by your nagging tongue and attitude. Even if he stays and does everything YOUR way, you don’t really have him fully. Something is always missing for him. And woe is you if he ever runs into that woman that looks at him with stars in her eyes and says…’My hero.’

Is it easy to change? Hell, no! I said something the other night to Thor that almost made me choke: “I need you.” Those three words were a thousand times harder to say than I love you. Because we have been taught it is weak to need anybody…especially a man. Especially for women like me, who were abandoned by the first men that should have been their heroes…their daddies.

It is though the way to a man’s heart…even more than his stomach or his cock. If you feed that part of him that desires your respect more than your love or the best sex in the world, you both will be the big winners.

You see I have a REAL secret…the true feminine is found when you kneel, when you say ‘Yes, Sir’ because then your trust and respect ignites in him a natural flaming need to protect, cherish and be worthy of your respect. In short…to give you everything your little heart wants or needs…and never managed to get by nagging.

That does not make you weak to need him…because another secret…he needs you too. He needs your RESPECT even more than your love or the world’s best sloppy blow job. Don’t believe me…try it sometime for yourself. See the true power of those two little words…Yes, Sir.

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