Thankful Thursday…

No, folks, that is not a typo. Thoughtful Thursday has been transformed this week into a Thankful one in honor of my American Thanksgiving. And what could be more thoughtful than to take a few moments to count your blessings.

ThanksThat is actually a tradition at my Thanksgiving celebrations. Whether we write them down or go around the room and share them, amid the turkey and pumpkin pie is always a moment to pause and give thanks to Fate, my goddess, aliens, whatever you believe in or whatever-the-fuck-is-out-there. So let me begin early…

  • My children – always top the list. Jeff, Mere-Mere, Chris, James, Gabriel and PanKwake, even if I do become the next E L James, you will always be the very best thing that I ever did with my life. I am soproud of you all. No mother could ask for more perfect people than you in her life. I treasure a lifetime of memories with each of you…the good and the not-so-good. Oh, and I almost forgot the latest addition, Greta…thank you for Jeff, for giving me another daughter. Maybe one day us girls will outnumber you guys.
  • The basics – like having a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food on the table. Too many of us take those things for granted or spend way too much time complaining because what we do have is not what we want. But the most important thing is having what you NEED.
  • My friends – to Livnah and Karaline the two new writing friends that I have met face-to-face…thank you for being part of my tribe. To my other writing friends…hope we can meet one day too. To my new tribe back home in the USA…thank you for adopting me even if only for His sake. I miss you so much, today especially, and hope to be back soon. And to my UK friends that I am spending this day and tomorrow with…thank you for making this exile in the desert bearable. Oh, and thank you to my online friends too…whether we ever meet face-to-face or not, many of you have touched me deeply with the right words at the wrong time…meems are like greeting cards from total strangers.
  • Them – Captain America and Thor. Words escape me. The past two Thanksgiving in particular, there has not been anyone special to mention. And this year, I am doubly blessed with not one perfect man but two. What each of you brings to my life and gives me is so unique, I am so grateful that I do not have to choose…thank you for being poly with me, even in the rough moments, especially then.  I love you both the same and differently. Yeah, Thor, I used those words again…deal with it, I do it so rarely with you that on days like this suck it up…and say ‘thank you, pet.’ That is more than enough. And Captain America, thank you for every single one of the times you so generously share those words with me…and the cuddles that I miss so much right now.
  • Being a writer – there is no other job that I can imagine loving as much as I do this one except being a mother…and goddess knows I have had some interesting ones along this road called life, but not even chef/cook comes close to this in terms of fulfilling me.
  • Which bring me to…YOU – my readers. Without you none of this would be possible. No, I am not famous yet. Heck, that is not the point…my message of 1) life sucks 2) love is the only thing that makes it worth living and 3) great sex is the best way to show that/those special someone/s that you love them…is what is important, not this silly messenger. Because this year and always as much as it is about giving thanks for what we do have…it is also about the HOPE that tomorrow will be better and brighter. That is what I am wishing for all of you.

So goddess bless, protect and heal you all this special Thankful Thursday and always!



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