REAL Hero Monday…

So I have run out of friends, colleagues and lovers/Doms that I can beg and plead to be my REAL Men.

But in my search not to abandon something that means a great deal to me, I ran across a couple of things…November is Military Families month. And while many of us may have seen the barge of Facebook posts and media about the coffee table book of Veteran amputees put out by a famous photographer(nothing wrong with that…well other than the oil he puts on them…lol), I ran across a much smaller, less expensive and charity based option…

REAL Heroes

It actually contains some of the same men and women, who served and gave so much for their country. And the proceeds go to a charity supporting them to recover through sports.

So what is better than a REAL Man Monday? REAL Hero one! I hope you will check them out and consider purchasing one as a stocking stuffer or gift that office Secret Santa.

Unstoppable Heroes

Goddess bless, protect and heal you all!


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