Sensual Saturday…

Hug Emoti


Bull shit! BULL SHIT!

I have discovered something the hard way this past week. While you all know I am a big advocate of SAFE cyber sex and Thor can even effectively jerk my masochistic chains long distance…HUGS and cuddles cannot be done long distance. End of. Period. Full stop.

All the emoticons in the world won’t do jack shit when what you really need is a hug.

Sorry to burst your bubble but it is the truth. NOTHING replaces the feel of strong arms wrapped about you or laying your head on his chest or spooning together.

Hell, even just a friendly hug cannot be transferred via some 0000 and 1111 set of codes.

So short and sweet bottom line…get off your ass and go give someone a REAL hug. I don’t care who…your child, your mother, your lover, your boss, your dog…hell, some stranger in the bar/pub. Just tell them…’hey, I don’t mean to be fresh or anything but you look like you could use this.’Hug them and walk away.

And if that don’t work…buy yourself a stuffed animal. I sleep with two of them…purple unicorns…to symbolize my search for the ‘perfect’ man. Hmmmm….think my goddess was giving me clues there. The fact that I ended up with two of them? But trust me they both get used…the stuffed animals…and the…

So go and hug someone…and tell them to pass it along too.

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