REAL Man Monday

So you heard me last week talking about my visit back home, but what I did not talk about was why. Besides visiting my own country for the first time in seven years, it was to meet face-to-face for the first time with someone very special to me…and no, he did not need to kidnap me on his fishing boat and have two younger brothers.

Actually, he is more of a Sergeant Mike…though he was not active duty Marine for over twenty years. But like Mike, he did his time in Iraq…and paid a high price for my freedom…one that he keeps paying for daily. In case you have not guessed this cyber affair like Kirsty’s went damned well. While I may not hop on the back of his Harley, there is no doubt that we shall have Shared Burdens for a very long time.

So meet the Captain America in my life, though he reminds me that Captain America was not a Marine…Ooh-rah.


And yeah, I learned real quick to ‘Behave’ when I got that look. The words ‘Yes, Sir’ just roll off the tongue.

Oh that is his LARP costume or part of it…plays a Celtic warrior. Yum-yum a man in a kilt.

Just because you know how much I love chest pics of my REAL Men, well, it would not be fair if I kept my favorite new pillow to myself, now would it?

Sean Chest

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