REAL Man Monday…

Okay…so far I have given you my editor and my cover artist. Today, it is another of the men in my life…my best friend and the consultant on my Ægir’s trilogies. The man who gave me such amazing sayings as…

IMG_2042Toffelhjälten – slipper heroes

Din satans hæstkuk – devilish horse cock

And my personal favorite…

Du kainn sjite i deinn eine nævven og ønske i deinn aindre, og så kainn du se kaslags nævve du får mæst I – You can shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which you get most in.

Oh and we can’t forget Lutefisk that stinky fish jelly which is the traditional main course at Christmas.

Like many of you, I met Him online when He liked one of my writings at THAT site…a non-fiction piece on the orgasm control and conditioning that Bjørn uses with Kirsty. We started messaging and when He discovered that I write fiction too…especially the Ægir’s, He volunteered to do a bit of translating and add local flavor. Oh, and ironically…His name is Bjørn too…we always laugh about that one. Of course, He also convinced me to reset the stories to the majestic northern Norway locale of the Lofoten islands.

Sven 3But the funniest part is the night we stayed up for hours searching stock photos for the right Sven. You try finding a sexy, broody, shirtless man over 40 sometime. Another reason for REAL Man Monday. He finally came up with this one…which was the best of a poor lot.

Then months later when He finally shared His photograph with me, I wanted to scream. After all those hours…and my headache…He was holding out on me. His name maybe Bjørn but He fits my description of Sven right down to…

His eyes were the most intense blue as he studied her face for a long moment as if considering what to say then. For a split second she would have almost sworn she saw a glimpse of true tenderness in them, rather than the icy cold of the sea that they mimicked.

Don’t believe me…look again…


And to be completely fair…a shirtless pic for comparison with that half shirted model…

Bjorn Chest

So, folks, you pick the Sven for my cover…that male model from stock photos or the REAL Bjørn?

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