Sensual Saturday…

ShowerThere are few things more intimate for a woman than having her man wash her hair. That was part of my inspiration for the completely new chapter of Shared Burdens (formerly Esther’s Story) Book 3 of my Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour. In the original story, told only from Esther’s point of view, when Mike tells her he is leaving, she pulls him up and whispers something in his ear that makes him blush…and then it fades to black. In this new, re-written and professionally edited story, there is a whole additional chapter of love making…no, not Tara’s normal kinky stuff…but damn did it remind me that vanilla is a very nice flavor. Here, see for yourself, with this sneak peak at…hair washing:

“I have wanted to do this forever,” he whispered against her ear as he pressed his large and very hard body against hers. She was not certain what he was talking about until he picked up the bottle of shampoo and poured some into the palm of his hand.

He was gentle but firm as he massaged the liquid into her scalp and hair until it lathered nicely. The scent of almond oil overpowered the small space as his fingers tugged through her thick and tight curls. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered.

‘Then don’t leave me,’ her mind screamed in protest, but somehow she managed to swallow back the words before they could escape. Fear of rejection? Pride? She was not certain but she was glad that the cascade of water and the sting of the shampoo provided her with the perfect excuse for the tears that marred her vision.

He had nothing to worry about though. He was perfect…his fingers on her scalp massaged until she was moaning and rubbing against him. Washing her hair had never been as much fun. As a little girl, she always got the feeling that her mother never knew quite what to do with her mixed race daughter’s locks of unruly curls. Her father had not been much help either since he always kept his kinky curls shorn impossibly close to his scalp.

Even finding a beauty shop had proven challenging. There was only one real beauty shop in Sebida. Esther had made the mistake of going there just once. The older woman, who owned the shop, had not dared to directly say ‘we don’t service colored here’ but she had made enough thinly veiled remarks about the unusual texture of Esther’s hair. Of course, the fact that she had used the gloves that she normally reserved for perms and coloring just to wash and cut Esther’s hair had said it all.

Esther had cried once she got home from the humiliating experience. Word must have gotten around the town too, because the next time she was in the general store the preacher’s wife from the AME church had come up to her and casually mentioned the name of one of their members, who did hair in her home. The woman had been cutting and styling Esther’s hair ever since. Though that woman too had more than once commented on how unique her hair was. That was the story of her life…never truly belonging anywhere it seemed.

But as his fingers ran through her hair once more rinsing the suds from it, Esther would have sworn she knew exactly where she belonged…in this man’s arms. She reached for the bottle of conditioner and was about to do that herself when he shook his head, “Hell, no, you think I’m going to miss another chance to touch this,” he rubbed a strand of her hair between his fingers like it was spun gold or something. She was privileged and tortured with several more minutes of his playing in her curls.

Shared Burdens – Book 3 of Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour by Tara Neale out on Amazon this week. And coming to other distributors shortly.

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