Tease Tuesday…

Today, Tease Tuesday has a very special guest. Once again I am delighted to welcome my friend Anne A. Lois, a woman and writer that just might be almost as big a tease as me. Anne’s new book, Whiskey and Rye, comes out on Amazon today. But you get a Free sample of its heat here first…

“Goodnight, Angel. Sleep tight. Text me tomorrow at noon.”

Anne BookWith that, Rye gives me a little shove and I have no other option but to step into my flat and close the door, automatically locking it behind me. I lean back against the wooden surface panting so hard that I cannot hear anything beyond the rush of blood in my ears.

Damn him for calling me out on this. Damn him for making me re-think my offer of submission. I just told him I needed someone else to help me with the big stuff in life, and he’s making me choose again?!

But then of course I know he’s right. I know it’s as much for his sake as mine – probably more so, even – that I be absolutely certain my submission is given to him, the real man, and not to Coach Rye of my dreams.


The only problem is that he wants me to think about it when I’m clearheaded and after I’ve had a good night sleep, and there’s no freakin’ way I could fall asleep right now, charged up as I am.

That is, unless…

Resolutely, my whole body shaking with excitement, I gather the hem of my dress and remove it in one fluid motion, kicking my shoes off at the same time. My studio apartment is tiny, and my bed is only a few steps away from the door. Not two heartbeats pass and I am flat on my back on top of the covers, my sodden panties peeled down and kicked away, my legs spread, one hand pinching and kneading my breasts and the other rubbing my weeping pussy furiously, desperately.

There’s nothing teasing or playful about this; I masturbate hard and fast, completely focused on getting myself off as soon as possible. My mind conjures up the image of his words when we were just outside the bar – ‘Someday, I’ll fuck your brains out against the wall in that back alley like a cheap street whore’ – and my breath catches as I play that scene in my mind…

…Rye pinning me back against the exposed brick wall, its coarseness biting into my back, unyielding as he slams into me… one hand pinning both my wrists above my head, the other grabbing my breast, tweaking and twisting its nipple between his fingers… and then his cock… his hard cock splits my pussy lips and I can see my juices gleaming on his shaft… I hear obscene wet sounds with each slap of our wet flesh together… he squashes my clit with his pubic bone over and over and over with every deep thrust…

“Nnnnnrrrrrgggggghhhhhhaaaaa! Ohmygod-ohmygod-ohmygod yessss!!!!! Yessss!!!! Yesssss!!! Arrrrrggggghhhhhh…. Oh Lord, yhhessss… Fuck yhessss…”

In less than thirty seconds my orgasm washes over me in huge waves, leaving me shaking and heaving. I can’t remember ever finishing so hard or so fast.

Fuck. That was so good!

Completely lethargic now I spread my arms out over my head and bask in the afterglow. I barely have the energy to slip under the light cover when I hear two very soft taps at my door, and an even softer voice whispering through the thin wood barrier:

“Good night, beautiful Angel. Sleep tight.”

Over my hitched breath I hear his footsteps disappear down the corridor, then the ping of the elevator as its doors slide open, then close, and then the familiar squeaks as the old mechanism heaves the car down until it slides to a stop at street level. I would have gone to the window to watch him walk away but still don’t have the energy to move a muscle. It’s all I can do to whisper out of my dry, trembling lips:

“Yes, Sir.”

So if that teased you, remember that you can finish yourself off like in this story…it is just one click away at Whiskey and Rye only $2.99 or FREE on KindleUnlimited. And if you want the latest news from Anne then email her at stg.lit@gmail.com or Like her on Facebook.

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