REAL Man Monday…

The other week I gave you a peak at my beloved editor Jim the Brit. Today it is my cover artist Symon.

Symon handstand

That pretty much summarizes Symon. He is as kooky and eclectic as I am which is why we have been friends for over two years. I first met Symon at a club…yes, one of those clubs…I don’t go to the loud, here-to-be-seen, overcrowded kind. Just the whip-me, beat-me, make me kneel type. Symon is unique in that he is neither a Dom or a sub but rather a kinkster with some rather cool fetishes.

He has done what I am striving to do…make his quirks pay the bills. In addition to pursuing his love of music, Symon is also a model. But not the oiled up, muscle kind that this blog is set up to debunk. No, Symon is an art model…whether that be for avant garde photographs like these or a still life model. He also teaches art…the one that intrigues me is his hen parties (bachelorette events for us Americans). The idea of how rowdy those must get…even with these Brits. But it is a great career for someone with a tiny bit of an exhibitionist in him.

Symon negligee 3Speaking of which…the first time I met Symon…I did his makeup. No, cross dressing is not one of his fetishes, but as this photograph shows he will do just about anything for a laugh. And that first meeting is certainly true. I used things in my make-up case to draw an elephant on his stomach. Want to guess what the trunk was?

Symon is one of those lucky/funny types…if you saw him on the street you would absolutely think nothing of him. Geeky? A bit over the top? Revels in being a rebel? Yeah, all those things. But like Super Man…to truly appreciate this Clark Kent you gotta get him out of his suits.

Symon my cover artist is definitely a case of don’t judge a book by its cover…cause there can be some really nice surprises between those jackets. But I can’t show that pic on this blog.

One of this artsy pics...
One of this artsy pics…

See…it ain’t just me. Even my friends are…unique. I do so love interesting people.

Oh…I forgot to mention Symon’s fetish…Sploshing. Yep, the man has even managed to get me covered in shaving foam once or twice. Like the Vaudevillians of old…the man truly appreciates a pie in the old kisser…or just about anywhere else for that manner.

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