Freaky Friday…

I saw this hilarious video on Facebook the other day…

Yeah…that is ME in the green (not really but it could be).

But after laughing and commenting, I got to thinking about…PERVERTIBLES…those every day items around your house that can have dual use as some very kinky toys.

Things like…

  • Wooden spoons
  • Feather dusters
  • Cable ties
  • Elastic
  • Rubber bands (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! YES!!!!)
  • Clothes pins
  • …and the list just goes on and on and on…

True story here: the first time I met the sea captain, who inspired the Ægir’s trilogies, we had coffee in the cafe at Asda (crappy UK version of Wal-Mart). After coffee, we walked around the store for half an hour laughing and talking about the different things we could turn into pervertibles. Is it any wonder after that I ended up tied up in his cabin and travelling back to London on the train with rope burns around my neck?

Everything here either came from pound shop or was recycled.
Everything here either came from pound shop or was recycled.

So the next time that you are low on cash but need some kinky new toys…you can spend $25 or £20 for one sex toy in the shop or online…or you can use your imagination and get a dozen or more of them from…the pet store, the DIY shop or even the Dollar/Pound shop. Which makes more sense to you?

The grand prize winner of all pervertibles? The vicious paddle that a sub made for his Mistress out of a pin pong paddle from the pound shop, metal bottle caps that were recycled and a hot glue gun. I wore the round dotted circular bruises from those bottle caps for almost a week on my tits. Because of course she just had to try it out on a female sub’s tits.

So get creative, folks. In the bedroom or the hardware store…or anywhere else you can think of…

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