REAL Woman Wednesday

Today’s REAL Woman is one Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder

She is also my daughter. And I am so f’ing proud of her. Mere-Mere as she is known in our family is one strong lady, not just because she has run marathons and completed this new form of torture/hell called Tough Mudder. She is also a full-time student studying to become a teacher…and works. She got her unusual nickname from her baby sister PanKwake, who could not pronounce her full name…and it just sort of stuck.

My daughter is also strong willed. She believes in standing up for the under-dog and the things she believes in. I have no idea where she got that from. Even against me. And I admire that trait so very much even when it hurts.

The sexy Missus Claus outfit I made for Mere-Mere last Christmas. And you can't even see her best ASS-ets.
The sexy Missus Claus outfit I made for Mere-Mere last Christmas. And you can’t even see her best ASS-ets.

Body image has been a struggle for Mere-Mere since she was a child. True story…she was bullied by other girls for weight issues. Being me, I was in the principals office at least once a week, trying to handle it. At the end of the year, that principal sees her in the hallway…a little fourth grader. Before it has even become official, she tells my ten year old daughter, “Mere-Mere, please tell your mother that I am retiring at the end of the year.” Oh well, maybe we do know where she gets it from.

She was also ‘mature’ before she became sexually active…twenty-two. You know what she told me…”It’s all your fault, mother. You took all the mystery of sex out of it for me.” Who me?

IMG_2011Just to give you an idea of how f’ed up our family is…these are the present that my daughter brings me back from holiday. The large wooden one…she brought me back from her paternal grandmother’s FUNERAL in Spain.

Strong, confident, sexy, caring, intelligent and funny…not half bad things for a daughter. So maybe I did one or two things right…or maybe she was just born to be an amazing REAL Woman.

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