Tease Tuesday…

I am kicking butt trying to finish Shared Burdens, Book 3 in the Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour series this week. It is an expanded version of Esther’s Story…that combines his point of view with hers. So loads of all new material in it. I am determined to release it on Amazon before Halloween…which is the time period in which it is set. So here is a bit of what I have been up to…

Mike watched the woman make her hasty retreat to the kitchen. If it had not been for his raging erection, he would have let her know he had been awake for some time. Hell, he had been awake way too much of the night. As he suspected, sleeping this close to her was harder than just about anything other than the memories that tormented him day and night…or the fucking traitor between his legs that would not seem to obey his commands this morning or any other when it came to…her.

He had tossed and turned on the couch most of the night. Not because it was uncomfortable, he had slept in way worse places than this. No, he had spent hours listening for the least sound, imagining her…what would she wear to bed. Probably not the sheer white lace nightie that he so often imagined her in. It would perfectly set off the light café au lait tones of her skin.

Damn, her skin was so fucking soft. At least on her hands, the only part of her that he had dared to touch. Though he had spent more than a few minutes laying there wondering what it would have felt like to slowly trail his hands up her arms.

If you have not read the first two books in this series they are available on Amazon. I bill this toned down Tara, sweet and inspirational series as…Highway to Heaven meets the US Marine Corps. Fair warning…the first two books…don’t have any sex at all. Can you believe that from a Tara Neale?


But these books truly are a labor of love for me, a tribute to the men, women and families who pay the high price of freedom for the rest of us.

Book 1 – My Country Tis of Thee

Book 2 – Labor’s End

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