REAL Man Monday…

OK GUYS…I need REAL Men. Well, not exactly, my personal dance card is more than full at the moment. But the truth is that I have way more trouble recruiting guys for REAL Man Monday than I do us, girls. In fact, two of the hottest REAL men I know don’t even realize how good looking and sexy they are. I am beginning to wonder if the mind trip that society pulls on men with its air brushed, unrealistic pictures of manhood has not done a bigger number on your heads than size zero models have on women’s.

So I have resorted to roping in my own. In this case my younger son Caleb. He is twenty-four and for the past year and a half has been teaching in China. And though he is young, he knows what makes a REAL Man…

At Legoland...what a REAL Man won't do for his baby sister?
At Legoland…what a REAL Man won’t do for his baby sister?

I don’t think it is just Mommy pride when I comment on what a handsome man my son is. Yet he has and continues to struggle with confidence. He is shy around girls…unless alcohol is involved. True story…he had his ankle broken by a Navy SEAL for asking his girlfriend for a light in a bar…a bit too friendly I suppose. But you got to give the man extra points for courage (or is it stupidity?)…who would actually say to a SEAL…’What’s your problem, dude?’

Caleb is a tiny bit of a geek too. He graduated with honors from one of the top universities in the UK…with a degree in MATH. He has worked as a bike mechanic and in a candy shop before becoming a teacher. He is my child that most shares Mommy’s love of adventure. In the family he has the nickname ‘idiot savant’ because for being a boy genius he can do some stupid things sometimes. Like go toe-to-toe with a SEAL!

Saying good-bye to his baby sister.
Saying good-bye to his baby sister.

But he has a heart of gold. He tutored friends in secondary school…helping them to pass their GCSEs. And when it comes to his baby sister…well, he and I may not always agree on how I do things with her…but I never doubt how much he loves her.

Oh, and girls…to my knowledge, he is available. Of course, you gots to go all the way to China or enjoy a long distance relationship. But he is an amazing guy. Oh…and true story…he and his friend went with me and a bunch of mine to a BDSM club. He was totally cool with it…until the moment Mommy started to strip and get on the St. Andrew’s Cross to be flogged. Then suddenly he NEEDED to be somewhere else. But that is my f’ed up family.

And I would NOT have it any other way.

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