Freaky Fridays…

WARNING: This blog pushes the limits. Let me remind everyone of something my Nanny taught me as a little girl…If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I will NOT tolerate hate or homophobia. I will not approve or delete/block such remarks. This may be a case of Your Kink Is Not My Kink…but that is what this whole blog and especially Freaky Friday is all about. 

So what topic could possibly merit such a strong warning right off the bat? Prostrate massage or milking as it is sometimes called. What’s that you ask? Slipping a nicely lubed finger up his ass as you suck his cock or when he is fucking you.

Oh, yuck! Tara, you have gone TOO far this time, girlfriend. That is disgusting. Doesn’t that make him gay? 

No…no…and most definitely NOT.

Male AnatomyI like to compare the prostrate gland to the female g-spot. Actually, they are located in just about the exact same spot. The difference is that the only way to access it in men is through the anus.

I could go on and on here about the why and how of this intimacy. But Here is an excellent, fair and technical article on the subject that has already done the job for me.

The only part that I would disagree with is about the vulnerable (i.e. submissive) nature of this act. It is not necessarily about that at all. To think that men, who enjoy prostrate milking, must have a submissive side would be as erroneous as to think they are gay. Yes, very strong Dominant men can appreciate the feeling of this intimacy. And isn’t that what submission is really all about? Doing what He likes, what gets Him off.

It can be and often is about nothing more than the stimulation itself. About the intense feeling of pleasure that can only be achieved by applying pressure to this highly sensitive gland. In fact, this method can be quite effectively used when your man is having trouble achieving orgasm. In fact, true fact, they use electrical stimulation of this gland to force ejaculation in not only bulls, but men….even dead ones. Yep, girls, if he dies before knocking your ass up, you can get the doctors to collect a sperm sample by… Oh, Google it  yourself.

Honestly, girls, to deny him this pleasure is tantamount to him refusing to eat your pussy because that is disgusting, dirty or smelly. Yes, some men do feel and say that. But that does not make it OK. Any more than the prejudices and misconceptions around this form of sexual expression, homosexuality or submissiveness makes it acceptable for you to do so.

It takes an open mind…two of them actually. Good communication. And an adventurous spirit. To make prostrate milking into the intensely satisfying and bonding sexual experience that it can be for both of you. But then too aren’t those the same things it takes for good sex…PERIOD?

So before you go dismissing this as yucky…disgusting…gay…or a sign your man is secretly submissive…open your mind and your heart to at least consider it…if he will, of course. Remember consent is a two way street here, girls.

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