REAL Woman Wednesday…

For today’s REAL Woman Wednesday join me in welcoming my friend, long time reader and Latina beauty Maggie. Though she lives half a world away and we have never met face-to-face…yet…one of the things that I firmly believe is that the greatest joy and power of the internet is to bring souls together across time and space. Whether that be a lovers like Kirsty and her three simple fishermen husbands or as friends, it is a precious gift.

Me: So Maggie, how long have you been reading erotic romance/erotica?

12047669_1503971079914933_2075282414_nMaggie: Since I was sixteen. As soon as I found an erotic writing page, I was hooked. It is also how I first realized that I have submissive tendencies because I gravitated more towards the BDSM and nonconsent genres. I saw parts of myself in those characters and I did further “research” online and realized that I was submissive, but it was not until I had my second session with a Dom that it clicked and I could scream it from the mountaintops and accept myself fully. I was twenty-five and if you wanna know the whole story then coffee, cookies and a hug is involved.

12047652_1503971459914895_120235008_nMe: I sincerely hope we can arrange that one day soon, Maggie. Will homemade chocolate chip ones do? I have to give you huge kudos too. You are way ahead of the game than this old girl. I am twice that old and still coming to terms with the depths of my submissive nature, but more about my personal struggles tomorrow. So what are your favorite kinks/fetishes?

Maggie: My kinks are rope play (just not being able to move and being at the complete mercy of my partner), pain, orgasm denial, wax play, ice play, using toys, multiple partners both sexes, and worshiping my partner (not religiously just pampering them) and role play. But thanks to you they now include, breath and knife play.

Me: Don’t blame me…thank Bjorn and Mikael for those new additions to your fetish list, which I quite agree with you on. So describe your perfect man/Dom? Besides sexy Nordic fishermen…times three that is. Damn, bitch, Kirsty got to them before us. Of course, we can’t all be lucky enough to be kidnapped and ‘married’ to three hot Doms.

12032563_1503988736579834_1716123841_nMaggie: For me a perfect Dom/Man is the same, because I can’t do a vanilla relationship. Being kinky is just a part of me and I will settle for nothing less. I have accepted myself so I will not hide and he has to accept it too. So he has to be understanding, tall, have facial and body hair. I don’t want Him skinny either. I want someone to hug so he has to have meat on his bones. He needs to love animals, be funny, like to dance or at least try to. He also has to like going to the movies once in a while and sometimes be willing to spend some quiet time with me, just not do anything, just sit in a room together and enjoy the silence with me kneeling at his feet and petting my head. I don’t have many requisites, because I know that you have to be willing to compromise in the name of love and because the prince charming movie type (tall, rich, dark, smart, handsome type) is not real just a fantasy that we have bought in to.

Me: Absolutely true Maggie, which is why I am so committed to writing characters that are NOT those things…and why I love my REAL Man Mondays and REAL Woman Wednesdays. And no, of course not too many prerequisites. So once you do find him, what is your perfect date?

Maggie: My perfect date would be meeting at my place, cooking him dinner and dessert, and talking. Getting to really know each other, and after dinner either keep talking or watch a movie on the TV. I don’t like to go out much.

Me: A little birdie told me that you have a very sweet and lovable pussy. In fact, we got to comparing ours one day didn’t we?

Maggie: *laughing* Well you know that her name is Petite. She’s a year old now and speaks French and Spanish. She is my favorite and my baby.

Me: A pussy that ‘speaks’ French and Spanish…very impressive, sweetie. And I hear she makes an excellent alarm clock too.

Maggie: Yes, sometimes too good. Last Sunday morning it went something like this…

Maggie's pussy...
Maggie’s pussy…

Me: Wakes up sees that it’s 7am, “It’s Sunday…one more hour.”

Cat: (on my side of the bed on my pillows) Hello, it’s 7, time to wake up!

Me: No, it’s not.

Cat: I see your hand is fleshy and exposed time to play! I shall bite hand!!!

Me: Nooo ooooww, stop (covers hand with blanket). Let me sleep, dammit!!!

Cat: Fine. Oh, look, I see your leg is exposed and fleshy and you’re moving. It’s play time!!!!!

Me: Ooww oooww! Fine…fine…I’m up, I’m up.

My pussy.... See what I mean folks...hard to tell them apart?
My pussy…. See what I mean folks…hard to tell them apart?

And so that is the tale of why every freaking day I wake up at 7 am.

Me: Nothing wrong with a bit of pussy first thing in the morning though I tend to be in the same camp as my editor MJ…bare as a baby’s bottom. But my favorite ways to wake up are cock, tongue or coffee…in that order. Though tongue and cock are somewhat flexible. How about when Petite is not around? How do you prefer to wake up?

Maggie: I like to wake up with some kisses, cock or tongue. His choice and then after brushing my teeth and coffee.

Me: Thanks, Maggie for baring your soul and your pussy to us this REAL Woman Wednesday. And it is definitely a date for coffee, cookies and hugs…especially if I get to hear the rest of that story about the Dom. Who knows…another story in the making? I haven’t had a hot Latina heroine…looking at your pics, I think it is a grievous oversight on my part.

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