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TMTM2It is almost upon us…the BIG day you have all been waiting for…tomorrow October 7th The More The Merrier 2 by the Erotic Collective will be available exclusively on Amazon. So today on Tease Tuesday, join me in welcoming another of the spectacular writers…Tara Crescent…with an excerpt from her contribution…Gambling with Gabriella.

In the bathroom, I strip slowly, savoring the look of heat in their eyes. They shed their clothes much quicker, and I’m thrilled that they are both hard, both ready. They’ve made no secret of the fact that they want me, and their bodies bear witness.

They get in the tub ahead of me, and Dominic’s grey eyes fill with lust as he surveys my naked body. “Gabby,” he says. “Do you want to play a game?”

“I am a gambler,” I respond.

“That’s what I thought you’d say.” His voice is satisfied. “Follow my instructions.”

I think back to last night, to the hard spanks that sent bolts of lust shooting through my entire being. I think I’m being offered that right now, and more.

And I want more. Dominic’s dominance is smoother and more refined than Carter’s, but it’s definitely there. Last night, Carter had growled orders, but it was Dominic who spanked me, and my guess is that that was just the start.

“Get in,” Dominic says, tapping the space between him and Carter. “What are you waiting for?”

I wink at him. “I’m following instructions,” I say meekly. “You know, I’m doing only what you tell me.”

Carter laughs and Dominic’s lips lift in a smile. When he speaks, I can tell he’s fighting not to laugh, but he sounds stern.

“Do you want to get spanked for being a brat, Gabby?”

Yes, but not tonight. Tonight, I want softness. The bottle of wine is on a ledge near us, and I want to lie back, soak in the steam, and relax. I step into the tub, and moan as my skin makes contact with the water. “God, this is perfect,” I breathe, settling down on the ledge between the two of them. “Why don’t I have a tub like this in Manhattan?”

Dominic hands me the glass of wine I’d given him to hold, and I sip at the chilled liquid. He lets me take a small mouthful before his hands curl around the stem of my glass and he urges it from my grip. I give him a curious look, but he just gives me an enigmatic smile. “Remember, do what you are told.”

I nod. “Okay.” My nipples harden with anticipation; my skin prickles with desire.

Carter’s hand dips below the water surface and he cups my breast. In the meanwhile, Dominic urges my knees apart, and places my thigh over his own. On the other side, Carter does the same, effectively locking me with my legs open.

They’ve hardly touched me, and I’m already on fire. And that has nothing to do with the temperature of the water I’m soaking in, and everything to do with the two men who flank me.

“Put your hands on your thighs,” Dominic instructs. “And don’t move them.”

“No,” I pout. “I want to touch you.” Their cocks are stiff and erect. I want to curl my fingers around their thick lengths and feel their hardness. I want to discover how long I can hold my breath underwater when I taste them. After all, though I went down on Carter yesterday, I haven’t had the opportunity to do that with Dominic yet.

“Did you not promise to obey, Gabby?” Carter asks. The tone of his voice is lazy, and he takes a long sip of his wine, his eyes on mine. “Are you too afraid to listen?”

“Listen to me, hotshot,” I start angrily, then realize I’ve been baited. “Damn you, Carter,” I say to him, trying not to giggle. “That’s not playing fair.”

“No one promised fairness, princess,” Dominic says. His voice hardens. “Hands on thighs. I’m not going to repeat myself.”

I shiver, liquid lust running through my veins. My palms move to rest against my thighs. As ordered.

“Good girl,” Dominic says approvingly. “Want a sip of your wine?”

I nod, and he brings the glass to my lips. I tilt my head back and swallow, closing my eyes as the cool liquid runs down my throat. Without the use of my hands, I feel helpless, but the way he’s feeding me the wine is so strangely intimate. I feel very precious. Cherished. I’m not used to feeling this way.

Except in the last two days.

That’s too heavy a thought for the moment. Right now, Dominic’s stroking my skin under the water, and Carter has, with a grin that bodes trouble for me, leaned forward to turn the Jacuzzi jets on.

Oh. Oh.

With my legs parted, and my hands held captive, I can’t flinch away from the pulse of water that’s aimed directly at my sex. The jets throb against my pussy, and my hips roll and pump as I try to position myself just so. I’m not sure if I’m trying to avoid the stream from hitting my clitoris, or if I’m trying to embrace the feeling of intensity it causes.

And BONUS surprise…because I love ya’ll… Christine Hart with Baker’s Dozen…

At exactly seven, I was standing in front of Milo’s office door.  The entire building was deserted.  I was more nervous than I’d probably ever been in my life.  His comment about getting an education seemed to fall somewhere between a promise and a threat.  I had a few questions and wasn’t sure if the answer scale was tipping toward the positive or the negative.  Was I about to get ravished on the top of his desk?  Positive.  Was he taking me to the sex club and planning to force me to witness a flogging scene?  Mostly negative.  Was there a chance he was intending to make me the flog-ee?  Double negative and a damned good thing I had on my sensible shoes so I’d be able to run faster.  I knocked quietly on the door and heard a gruff and typically irritated, “Come in.”

He was standing there with an odd expression on his face.  “Sit down, Cara.”  I sat in the same chair I’d used earlier that day, noting that he seemed conflicted about something.  One of the benefits of knowing someone is having certain instincts about them.  My internal Milo-radar was pinging loudly.  Even so, I was shocked at his announcement.  “I’ve been considering your request and I’m not giving you membership to the club.  I will, however, give you what you want.  I can’t say I’m comfortable with your intentions, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling the need to explore your sexuality.  I’ve made all the necessary arrangements and defined your guidelines.”

Did I say shocked?  Thunderstruck was a better way to describe how I felt; thunderstruck, confused, a little excited, and a lot uncertain how to handle this new development.  He was giving me what I wanted?  I genuinely never wanted to visit his club, but exploring the place did sound fascinating and wicked, especially with Milo as my personal guide.  One of the things he said, however, required clarification.  “You defined my guidelines?  What guidelines?”

And that’s when Milo Baker, love of my life who used to share chocolate chip cookies with me, dropped his bombshell.  “Since I don’t know if you realize what you’re involved in, I feel compelled to make sure you’re properly taken care of, so I’ve made a list of certain things you’re permitted to do and I’ve already discussed it with the three men who will be your trainers.”  He took a piece of paper from the top of his desk and glanced at it.  “I’ll need for you to look this over and sign the bottom so I know you completely understand and agree this is fully consensual on your part.  It’s fairly basic, sexually speaking, although I’ve included a number of BDSM activities since that seems to be where your interests lie; and I’ve ensured the necessary precautions for a newcomer.  Jessica agreed to take over the shop during your training.  Needless to say I didn’t tell her why you won’t be around for a day or two.”  He handed the paper to me.  “Just for fun, I’ve listed a Baker’s Dozen.  It somehow seemed appropriate.”  He smirked at his own arrogant and sarcastic wit.  “If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.”

A day or two?  Three men who would be my trainers?  BDSM?  Questions?  How could I possibly ask any questions when I was stupefied into silence upon reading his Baker’s Dozen of sexual activities?

Out tomorrow October 7th from seven stunning, sexy, spicy, sensual, sassy Lit authors…The More The Merrier 2 from the Erotic Collective…


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    1. Tease Tuesday is ALWAYS open to anyone from the Erotic Collective. And thank you for saving my bacon on this one!

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