REAL Man Monday…

When I began these themed days, it was my intent to use only people I knew or who volunteered. But today’s REAL Man is neither. Nonetheless, I am focusing today American hero Chris Mintz. First of all, I received several requests to do so from readers. Secondly, what could be more REAL than a real-life hero. And besides…for some reason, I am having more challenges getting the guys to bare their stuff than us girls. So obviously, I have no interview to go with this one. Instead I will talk about what makes Chris a REAL Man and real hero.

  1. In the heat of the moment, he was the world’s best dad…his words to the gunman were…’Today is my son’s birthday.’ 
  2. 12087717_1058408114193975_4873214092080929406_oHe is facing death, the business end of a gun and people wounded and dying all around him and his first thought was to protect others. He ran into danger for the sake of others…when everyone else was running away. That makes him a real hero and a REAL Man. But I bet he would still blush and say something about it just being his duty or the right thing. One of my fav movie heroes is like that…John McClane and my all-time fav Die Hard is number 4, Live Free or Die Hard. This guy reminds me of what the young computer geek says to John…’That’s what makes you THAT guy.’
  3. Even before the shootings at this college, he was a man of honor and valor…a real-life hero deserving our respect for his ten year service of his country in the Army.
  4. Then we get to the good stuff, girls…from his hospital bed…he is smiling. Through everything he has been and will go through to learn to walk again…this man finds the strength to smile.
  5. And damn…this girl loves her a fuzzy pillow with just enough cushion for the pushin’. Look at it…and fan yourself! Oh and ink too…it just keeps getting better.


So a special REAL Man Monday to American hero Chris Mintz. Goddess bless, continue to protect you and yours and heal your wounds, physical and emotional. You for a change are someone who truly deserves your fifteen minutes of fame. REAL heroes are sexy as hell!

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