REAL Woman Wednesday…

12053178_446896298828406_1762398532_nKeeping with The More The Merrier 2 theme for my blog this week, join me in welcoming another of the Erotic Collective’s saucy ladies, my friend Anne A. Lois, better known as small_town_girl on Literotica. Her contribution to this menage erotica boxed set is called Irish Blend. So let’s jump right into the thick of that action, folks…

“She’s a tiny one, isn’t she?” Liam muttered laughingly, realizing he’d need to stoop low to touch Naomi the way he wanted to, and Rye smirked back at him from the recliner.

“Five feet two on a good day, yeah. And you seem to be taller than me, what are you, six-two?”

“Yea, just ‘bout, I think.” Liam shrugged. “I guess we could get horizontal…”

Rye chuckled. “Well, later, sure, but for now have her stand on top of the coffee table. She’d be the perfect height for you then.” His tone made it clear he was speaking from experience, and Liam laughed out loud.

“Roight! I like the way ye’re thinking, man.”

Helping Naomi up onto the towel-covered coffee table, Liam positioned her facing Rye on the far end of it, and then walked to stand right behind her. Standing atop the makeshift platform the crown of her head was level with his nose, and he smiled in satisfaction as his hands came up to hold her hips over her garters, fingertips pressing gently into the warm, supple skin of her abdomen, thumbs caressing the upper slopes of her round, firm, beautiful ass.

“Ah, yes. Perfect height indeed.”

He watched as goosebumps flared over Naomi’s arms while his hands slid forward to splay across her belly and then moved up to cup her breasts. Naomi inhaled sharply, and her nipples drew tight, pushing against the thin lace covering them.

“Lovely,” Liam murmured, palming and lightly squeezing her tits, which fit beautifully in his hands. He peeked up to see Rye watching his every move intently, his arms deceptively still on the armrests, a hint of a smile on his lips. Naomi moaned and pushed her breasts into his palms.

“Feels good, sweetness?” he asked, and she nodded, her head lolling back against his shoulder.


12048814_446896295495073_255376458_nTaking her hint, Liam rasped his thumbs back and forth across her taut peaks through the translucent lace, and when she arched further, took them between his fingers to gently tug and roll at them.

Naomi moaned.

“Raise your arms, Angel. Put them around Liam’s neck, so that they’re out of the way and he can reach anywhere he wants.” Rye’s words were spoken calmly, but with a gruff undertone.

Naomi complied, the movement pushing her breasts up and close together, and Liam couldn’t resist squeezing them even closer, making them rub against each other, his eyes riveted to the sight from over Naomi’s shoulder. Looking up to Rye, Liam saw him staring at his hands on his wife’s tits, and to his surprise, felt his own excitement building.

The thought of this man watching him as he undressed his wife, touched her, stroked her, teased her, fucked her – had taken over Liam’s passion-filled mind. Before, he’d only imagined as far as fucking the most gorgeous woman he knew, possibly doubling-up on her together with her husband, like they did in porn. But he’d never expected this part of it – putting this show in front of Rye – to resonate so deeply. His dick, which had seemed to be in a perpetual state of uncomfortable engorgement from the moment Rye had made his indecent proposal, had grown so swollen now it was downright painful.

Deliberately, slowly, Liam moved his left hand down Naomi’s quivering belly, over the garters crossing her abdomen, and into the waistband of her panties. Her standing on the table made it easy for his fingers to reach down and into her hot, soft, creamy folds.

Naomi moaned deeply, and the sound was echoed by matching groans from the two men.

She seemed to melt back against him, her weight hanging more heavily from her hands around his neck, her knees opening to allow him better access. Liam didn’t hesitate taking advantage of her invitation and moved his hand lower still, stroking the length of her cunt, letting his middle finger slip deeper into her slit and tease her opening.

“Oh god that feels good…”

Naomi’s words went straight to Liam’s dick, making it throb inside his jeans. He had planned to prolong this exquisite game, to savor each moment, but now he was no longer sure he’d be able to.

Looking up, he found Rye’s eyes riveted to the sight of his hand playing with Naomi’s cunt inside her sheer-pink panties. Liam slid his wet fingers up to find the small ridge of her clit, stroking it harder. Naomi whimpered and her knees buckled, forcing him to wrap his other arm securely around her waist to keep her upright.

Rye’s eyes seemed ablaze, focused on his quick movements inside Naomi’s panties, and suddenly Liam knew what he wanted to do next.

He wanted to make Naomi orgasm, while her husband watched. He wanted to look at Rye’s face from between Naomi’s spread thighs as she came undone under his tongue.

Wow…us ladies seem to have a REAL oral fixation! Yes, that is the REAL Anne and not Naomi. If you did not see enough of Anne here today, check her out on AmazonFacebook, or email her at Anne is as much a tease as yours truly…but you will have to decide for yourselves whether we can deliver the ‘PLEASE’ when The More The Merrier 2 comes out on Amazon October 7th.


3 thoughts on “REAL Woman Wednesday…

    1. Are you familiar with Literotica? It is a free website that combine Literature with erotica. It is where Anne and I both write and post. And great practice if you aspire to being published. Fans there are great. And any time you are up for REAL Man Monday send me a couple of pics, a bio and 750 to 1000 words of your story to and we will see what we can do.

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