Tease Tuesday…

Like I said yesterday this week the theme is The More The Merrier 2, a menage boxed set by the Erotic Collective, a stunning group of Lit authors of which I am proud to be a newbie. So every day will be something about the group or group love (lol) or my contribution to it called Nothing Done In Love. The More The Merrier 2 will be released exclusive to Amazon on October 7th. So this is a countdown of sorts…

So today is a tease from Nothing Done In Love…If in your darkest hour, you were gifted with a second opportunity to fulfil your deepest fantasy, would you have the courage to Chase your Chance at love and happiness?

TMTM2Kindergarten teacher Kaitlin Danvers is facing the unthinkable…the pre-mature death of her mentor, best friend and Mommy. Everything she has ever known or believed is shaken to the core as she faces an uncertain future without the only person she has always relied upon, well, almost…

Navy SEALs and identical twins Chance and Chase Logan have grown up on the dry, hostile battlefields half a world away from the best friend and only woman either has ever truly loved. In their darkest hour, the only thing that had given them hope, light and the will to go on was always the memories of her sweet kisses and how incredibly right it felt with her pressed between them that one night a lifetime ago.

Now they are back. Older and wiser, their bodies and souls scarred by things that no man should see or do, but someone always has to…

Back just when she needs them most…

But will things be different this time? Will Katie find the strength to embrace an uncertain future, gifts she has denied for a lifetime and especially an unconventional love that in the world’s eyes tests even the boundaries of her off-beat guru mother’s message that…Nothing Done in Love can ever be wrong.

She was never sure how it happened but suddenly the comfort turned into something else. A need so deep and visceral that it overpowered all those things and even common sense. Her lips reached for his, drank softly at them for several long heartbeats before his fingers laced through her hair, holding her in place as he took it deeper, tongues warring with one another, need fuelling the battle and demanding surrender.

When he broke away he did not go far, just enough that his face filled her field of vision, “I need to taste you, Katy-did.” He rolled her on to her back and pressed her deeper into the mattress.

It took her a long moment to realize what he was talking about. When she did, she felt the heat rising to her cheeks. She bit her lower lip and tried to shake her head, but Chance was already sliding down her body. His large hands cupped and kneaded her breasts until they ached and hardened. She was powerless to stop the moan that escape her lips just a moment before he settled between her thighs.

She opened her mouth to protest then she felt the cool night air caress the wet folds between her legs. She had forgotten that she had not worn panties, not even the scrap of black lace thong to bed.

Chance had not though as his tongue speared through the folds at the top of her thighs, homing instantly upon the hard nub that sent electric shocks spiralling towards her brain. The sensation was totally new and oddly familiar. His wet tongue doing things to her that only her own fingers ever had. And he seemed to know exactly the right pressure and timing to send her body rocketing towards the stars.

She knew that she should slow thing down. They should talk about this. It was way beyond her comfort zone. For goodness sakes, just a few days ago, his brother had…

Her brain did not even manage to finish the thought as he captured her clitoris between his teeth and suckled, sending her over the edge. She cried out as her hips moved against his face, seeking even more of the intense pleasure he was giving her. As if he could actually read her mind, she felt thick fingers slipping inside her, pushing her orgasm to another level.

Then strong arms were wrapped about her, drawing her closer to his hard body as his mouth captured her screams of pleasure. She moaned as the fingers, teeth and tongue continued to torment and pleasure her.

‘Wait’ her mind screamed in rebellion. How could that be? A mouth between her legs…could not also be kissing her?

Is that enough of a tease? And just think seven fabulous authors, seven steamy stories…all for one low price. Out October 7th on Amazon…The More The Merrier 2.

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