REAL Man Monday…

This week has a special theme…The More The Merrier 2 is a menage boxed set by the Erotic Collective, a stunning group of Lit authors of which I am proud to be a newbie. So every day will be something about the group or group love (lol) or my contribution to it called Nothing Done In Love. The More The Merrier 2 will be released exclusive to Amazon on October 7th. So this is a countdown of sorts…


To get us started this week on REAL Man Monday, we have Jim the Brit, an editor (and sometimes writer) with the Erotic Collective. He is the REAL man that has made such a difference in my writing, helping me to take it from a hobby to a burgeoning career. I owe him so much for his patience, wit and rainbow highlighters. Welcome Jim…

Me: Good morning, Jim. Thanks for being such a good sport…AGAIN with my crazy ass. So I guess the place to begin is sex. How long have you been reading erotica?

Jim: Since my teens and I discovered the opposite sex. Obviously there was no internet when I was a lad so it was smuggled copies of Mayfair and Health and Efficiency which did the rounds. Later it was The Nexus and Black Lace novels and yes…I have read the Story of O.

Me: Have you noticed any big changes over the years?

Jim: Very much so. It was a lot tamer back then. Now it is very hardcore and since FSOG very BDSM orientated. I personally think the ease of access on the internet to the darker stuff has made things worse for the youngsters of today. Women are now seen more as sex objects to be used, rather than the lovely ladies they usually are.

Me: Not just women either, my friend. Increasingly men are being sexualized as beefcake takes over. And as the saying goes…two wrongs do not make a right. That is why I came up with the idea of REAL Man Monday…to show that sexy is between the ears and not just biceps and six-packs. But back to sex…do you have a particular fetish/genre that you like most?

Jim: Ahhhh, now that would be telling. Let’s just say that as an Ex Royal Marine and cop it isn’t difficult to understand my character traits. Let’s surmise that it wouldn’t be me tied to the St Andrew’s cross and flogged, though I would happily be in the same room. Also I found most of my writers through the BDSM categories on Literotica. Enough clues?

Me: So what is the HARDEST part of your job as editor? Besides dealing with my bat shit crazy…

Jim: Probably understanding the common language difference between the U.K. and the U.S. The majority of my authors are from the States so it is getting easier but I will admit certain expressions they use do have me growling and reaching for the highlighter.

Me: Come on, ya’ll. (laughing) Do you write yourself?

Jim: Not a lot. I have written some cameo bits for a couple of authors to play with and polish, as well as one short story of myself as a young serviceman, but I genuinely don’t have the talent or patience to write a complete novel. I much prefer to hone the good writing of someone else.

image2Me: As much as our jobs revolve around it, there is more to life than sex. What do you do for relaxation? What’s your hobbies?

Jim: I was a very keen rugby player when younger, but unfortunately the knees no longer love me, so it is mostly walking, swimming and cycling now. The motorcycle has been part of my life since my early twenties and I would happily disappear off for a few hours touring whenever I had the chance. Unfortunately the beast has been sold so I am in between rides.

Me: Time for the boring stuff…Favourite food?

Jim: Food. Did someone mention food? I am lucky enough to have traveled to a fair few corners of the globe so will eat almost anything. Last meal on death row would have to be a Sunday beef roast or a rare cooked seasoned fillet. These posh restaurants which charge an arm and a leg for a fancy presentation which wouldn’t feed a half starved hamster, leave me cold.

Me: Agreed, life is too short to starve yourself. Speaking of favourites (Brit spelling just for my beloved editor and friend)… book and film?

Jim: Hmm, hard one as I love reading most things. I will narrow it down a bit by saying anything by Wilbur Smith. His power of description is absolutely amazing. You can actually imagine yourself stood in a Saharan desert. I love action films, but not particularly the ones which go OTT. Indiana Jones and the old Bond films are particularly watchable.

Me: Sean Connery proves that older men are sexy for certain. He is my favourite Bond. So back to sex…au naturel or shaved?

Jim: Who? Me or her (laughing)? Bald as a babies bum every day of the week. In the 70’s when I began experimenting it was almost always as nature grew it and while I didn’t object (who would if he was about to get laid..grin) I have always loved the shaved look. It is sooooo darn sexy.

Me: Something not a lot of people know about you?

Jim: I was a quarter finalist on Countdown, meeting Richard Whitely and Carol Vorderman amongst others. I also massaged Carol’s ankle in the green room. (memories…sigh.)

Me: Hot seat question here…Apart from the wife, who would be you ideal bed partner?

Jim: Are you trying to get me into trouble ???  If I must answer then it would be Carol Vorderman. She absolutely oozes sex appeal and she really is as lovely as she appears on the telly. Friendly and absolutely charmed the studio audience the days I was down there. With a lovely full figure she would be perfect to keep me warm on a cold winters night. Size 0 does nothing for me.

Me: Thank you my lovely editor, friend and mentor for helping me to highlight (and you have so many pretty ones…I should know) that like their sisters, sexy is not restricted to oiled up, gym bodies in their 20s. And Sean Connery is definitely not the only Scotsman that gets better with age. 


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