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REAL or not? Your thoughts...
REAL or not? Your thoughts…

Is sexting sex?

I had this friendly disagreement with someone. They felt that sexting was nothing more than masturbation. While I on the other hand, strongly feel that if someone I know and care about is on the other end of that phone…telling me what to do…that is sex. Admittedly not as good as it could be ‘in real life’. But you are not alone…you are not controlling yourself…another person is involved. Thus…SEX!

I will stick in a WARNING here…because it is sex…don’t fucking treating it lightly. If you would not sleep with someone on the first date, why the fuck are you sending him or her dirty pics in less than an hour after first talking? Remember…they now ‘own’ those pics…so make damned sure that you either trust them not to use/abuse them or that you don’t mind having your…. spread over the Internet.

But having gotten that out of the way, I will say that sexting is an awesome way of building tension/rapport in a long distance relationship. It is also a great way to tease or keep flames alive in any relationship. You know he is having a stressful meeting…dress up like his little slut and send the pic. You just lowered his stress…though something else might have risen.

And there really is so much that you can do besides dirty pics. (Wondering now…do you think that they could have convinced Kirsty to send a pic of her naked tits?…No way for anything lower…but the tits?) My fav is being controlled. To be told exactly what to do…yes, to myself, but like I said…then my hands and toys become an extension of this other person that is not there physically, but is a very real presence otherwise. My mind is theirs to control…as is my body.

Wow…now I am getting excited about the next chapter of re-writes for Njord’s Captive…among other things. Wondering how far they got Kirsty to actually take it…it would go a very long way to explaining what happened in the original Chapter 1…lol. Because yes, folks, sexting is real sex and builds a powerful connection…for the good or the bad. So like the Force…be careful how you use it.

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