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Sisters taking the crafting fair by storm. We made matching 50s style dresses and got dozens of comments on them.
Sisters taking the crafting fair by storm. We made matching 50s style dresses and got dozens of comments on them.

In life Fate sticks us with our family, our friends on the other we get to chose…and are sometimes closer than family. Today on REAL Woman Wednesday meet the sister that Fate screwed me out of. Nicki and I have been friends for almost three years now and though we do not live close enough to see one another often, I treasure the once or twice a year when we do manage it. In addition to sharing my dirty little mind, this tiny dynamo also harbors a love for my other fetish…the 50s lifestyle with cooking, sewing and crafting. So join me today in welcoming and liking a multi-talented REAL woman..Nicki.

Me: Thank you, sweet sister for baring your soul…and lots more (this woman has amazing…well decide for yourself). How long have you been crafting? 

Nicki: Been sewing for twenty-five years and making cards for sixteen.

Me: Don’t forget your lovely jewellery either.

Nicki: Oh yes, but that it relatively new…only about four years now.

Me: And what is your favorite?

Nicki: You know I can’t decide which.

Me: Sort of like having to choose between three HOT Nordic fishermen husbands?

Nicki: That I would not know about. idea how she has stayed married so long...LOL!
Yeah…no idea how she has stayed married so long…LOL!

Me: But you do have an amazing one. This stunning woman has been married for twenty-nine years, folks. She was one of those child brides you hear about. And she cooks too!

Nicki: Cooking is something I wish I had more time for. I love Saturday and Sundays when I can cook all day. Cakes and pies should not be rushed, you know.

Me: And even her thirteen year old son is getting into the cooking. Some woman will be very lucky one day with that one.

Nicki: Yes, Little man is getting into cooking too. His speciality is chocolate muffins.

Me: And what is your favorite thing to make in the kitchen? cook anyway?

Nicki: My favorite is a big old Sunday lunch with roast chicken and potatoes, two or three different vegetables and gravy. All followed by homemade apple pie and custard.

Me: And the extra custard? Dare I ask what you do with that?

Nicki: Well, custard does have to be eaten. *smiling* I am a good girl. I never waste a drop.

Check out others at:
Check out others at:

That, folks, is the sister of my heart. Total opposites, aren’t we? *laughing* But seriously, she makes the most gorgeous sexy themes cards and sells them on Facebook. If you have a naughty friend with a birthday or need something erotic besides your legs to stuff in that special someone’s Christmas stocking, check it out. And thanks, Nicki, for baring it all…Well as much as Facebook will allow anyway.

Nothing dirty going on...
Nothing dirty going on…

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