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One of my popular stories at Literotica was The Arrangement, which has now been re-written (30,000+ extra words), professionally edited too and is available on Amazon. What people may not realize though is that it is just the prequel, Book 1, in a Scyfy cheesy end-of-the-world series called shockingly enough Apocalypse. Sketches of Book 2, Rings of Fire, have been posted at Literotica. But this is the next scene…

The sun was high over the scourging Texas desert before they made it back to the compound. It seemed that whether or not Brent’s theories about one volcanic explosion triggering others were scientifically accurate, it was definitely true of their need for one another. One hot and heavy coming together had barely whetted their appetites for more, three more to be exact.

It was not until they were dressed and her arms wrapped around Brent’s waist once more that Lauren had come to her senses enough to realize what they had done. Unprotected sex was a risk that exceeded her scientific calculations. She had spent the whole ride back to the compound entering data and making calculations. She hoped that her assumptions were correct this time.

She hoped that Megan and her grandmother had remembered to pack her old-fashioned calendar that served as more of a journal, most of her appointments now stored on her phone. Always one to suffer from PMS; Lauren had taken as a teen to carefully charting her moods in the journal. Like the scientist she was, Lauren felt that it gave her some control of her body…the ability to know what was to come.

As they drew back up to the other vehicles, Lauren cursed her lack of control with this man…for the millionth time in their lives together. Why did Brent Jacobs have the ability to make her forget everything that she held dear? Science could not explain the phenomenon; she had long ago given up on the simple explanations of neurotransmitters that provided the brain with sensations of pleasure and love. This was not that weak. This was not simply love. It was an irrational obsession. One that even her brain had been powerless to thwart over the years.

Lauren could only hope that if stupid neurotransmitters had something to do with this, then the next week she intended to do everything within her powers to burn them out. Once and for all. She wanted to be free of the power this man held over her. The power to control not just her emotions, those she had decided long ago meant next to nothing. No what scared Lauren most about her ex-husband was his ability to override even the most logical of her scientifically formulated theories. One look, one touch, a couple of sweet words…and they were blown to hell, like the north side of Mount Saint Helens had been in the 1980 eruption.

Lauren smiled at the memory. She had been just seven years old, but she remembered staring at the television fascinated as BBC replayed those mind-boggling moments of video over and over again. It had been the moment that she decided to become a volcanologist. Why should she think of it now? Why the connection to this man? She chuckled, perhaps because he was just as destructive…or maybe because her commitment to him was as eternal as her love of this scientific field.

When Brent stopped the four wheeler, she was quick to jump off, needing to put some distance between them perhaps a little too late. Taking off her helmet, she tossed it on the back of the vehicle as she turned towards the barn were they had left the girls. Brent reached out for her, grabbing her arm.

“They probably went to the mess hall for lunch. Either that or Megan found Sammy and they went off exploring with Elise somewhere. I need to get back to the control center and look at the latest models. Check in with our pilots and see how things are going at the collection points. I want to give everyone as much time as possible to make it out, but I can’t risk waiting too long to call the planes back.” He scuffed his boot against the ground. “After you find the girls and get that shower, I really could use a second set of eyes on my calculations, Lauren.”

Lauren supposed she should be surprised that Brent would consult with her, given her adamant refusal to accept his theory. But after thirty years as best friends and colleagues, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to nod. “Sure, Brent. I’ll meet you there after my bath. You know I don’t necessarily agree with the assumptions that drive your model, but I am happy to check out the data you are feeding into the calculations.”

He smiled, “That’s why we were always the best team going, little girl. I do the theory and you handle the application.”

Lauren shook her head, “One week, Brent. This is only for a week…working together again, playing family…the sex. It all ends in a week. Don’t forget that.”

Brent’s face darkened. His frown creased his forehead and crinkled those magnetic blue eyes. “Yes, Lauren. How can I forget with you reminding me constantly? But how about you take the time to actually live in the moment? How about for the next week you remember we are a damned good team…maybe the best. And if we are going to save lives of the people I…we care about…it is going to take us both.”

His grip on her upper arm loosened as he caressed her through the heated cotton, “And while you’re thinking about that…try this one. Divorced or not, we are a family. Those are our daughters. Mine and yours. And nothing is ever going to change that.”

His other hand came up to her face, his fingers lifting her chin, forcing her to meet his blue eyes, “As for the sex, try the words…making love. It always fit us better. Whether it was hot and fast surrounded by the world falling apart around us or slow and gentle after the girls went to bed and we had argued and laughed. It was. It is love, Lauren. And nothing is ever going to change that either.”

Lauren remained silent. His words shocked her sensibilities. It was not what she wanted to hear. Not when all she wanted to do was run as far and as fast as possible from this man. She jerked her arm from his grasp. “I’ll go find the girls then grab that shower. I’ll see you in a couple of hours,” she pronounced with finality as she turned and walked away.

So here is the bad news…I will not be posting any more chapters of Rings of Fire to Literotica. Good news…you can follow the story by signing up to my monthly newsletter…with a new FULL chapter to Rings of Fire in each one. To do so email me at taraneale@virginmedia.com.

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