REAL Man Monday…

Today my friend JP is baring it all for REAL Man Monday. So let’s give a huge Like and Comments for this brave man…we all have to be to do this one, folks.

12016702_970374229692747_1355294200_n (1)

Just look at those big eyes…big smile. The only thing you cannot see is his BIG…

Get your mind out of the gutter girls…HEART!

JP has been an online friend for close to three years now. He is sweet, kind and thoughtful. Everything that a REAL Man should be.

Of course, in our society that is not what we notice about someone. And while much attention is given to the unfair treatment of us plus size girls, our big Teddy Bear guys have it just as tough, folks. But that is the purpose of these blog posts…to challenge what we see as ‘perfect.’ And for me, at least, I like the feeling of being bear hugged and cuddled.

Speaking of which…JP? Coffee at Blue Water sometime soon, my friend? And another big Thank you for baring it all for us on REAL Man Monday.

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