Freaky Friday…

I figure to kick this one off with something almost as controversial as Mikael’s knives…electro play. And let’s answer your question straight off…

Electric Play

Yes, folks, that is MY back turning pink in that photograph. So, yes, I speak with the voice of experience.

But I was not always such a big fan of this sometimes misunderstood BDSM fetish. In fact, it once made my hard limits list. My first exposure to electro play was before I ever tried anything in the lifestyle. Like many people my first exposure to the lifestyle was through books. And one of  my fav BDSM authors was Kallypso Masters. In her book called Nobody’s Perfect, there is a scene where the heroine, who is being prostituted out against her will, is tortured with a violet wand. Needless to say…that did NOT make me want to try it.

My second exposure was almost as bad. It was my first visit to a club. My Dom and I had given a ride there to a delightful little (Don’t know what that is? Just wait…another Freaky Friday, so remind me) and she was playing with her Daddy (woe…don’t worry it is not what you are thinking…we will get there, I promise) with a TENS unit. Now I was familiar with those in terms of pain relief during labor since once upon a different life I was a doula (Google that one cause it don’t make Freaky Friday). But this was beyond the scope of that. My Dom had left me to watch while he went to get us some food. Our friend turned the wrong knob…and SCREAMED the place down. I broke the cardinal rule of club play…I interfered in a scene between a Dom and sub when I called out to her. Thankfully the nice (and most vicious, sadistic Dom/me I have ever played with) Dungeon Mistress, quietly but firmly drew me back and gently reprimanded me (can’t say the same for my Dom though, she took more of his backside for leaving a newbie alone unsupervised).

So you can see why I would NOT be jumping up and down standing in line singing…Me, me, I’m next. Thing is that at that time I had not one but TWO Doms in my life: my Dom and a more experienced mentor. When my Dom could not go to the club with me, He would allow me to go alone…under the protection and supervision of my mentor, who had been in the lifestyle for over three decades. One thing about my mentor…he loved to push those limits. And on one such occasion he did just that with electro play. That pic is my first experience with it. Both I and the Domme who was playing with me (Did you really think my Dom would allow another man to touch what was his? Even my mentor was given firm limits.) were shocked at just how much I could take as she kept turning the dial higher and higher. And I discovered I liked it so much that I gave my consent for that Dungeon Mistress to use a zapper of some sort on me later that night (sorry, folks, I tried to find the name of it but could not…think an electric shaver in looks but a stun gun/cattle prod/fly zapper in how it works) while I was roped in a Shibari body harness and helpless. And She used it on some pretty intimate places, let me tell you.

Violet WandBut by far, my favorite toy that I have not gotten to use in an actual scene, but want so desperately to own (unfortunately they are expensive as shit…so buy more books…lol.) is one of the re-conditioned Violet Wands from the 19th century. When I go to the London Alternative Market, I make a beeline for this stand that sells them. Nick sees me coming and smiles…he knows I am addicted to the damned things. He also knows he can hit me with almost full power even in demo. Like I said…one day I will buy one like this from Nick.

My favorite attachment? While I love the sensual feel of having my hair brushed with the comb and the way I jump when one of them hits a metal stay in my corset, it has to the long handle that when you hold it in both hands you complete the circuit…and feel nothing. Until people start touching you. Then you and they share the shock at that point of contact. Imagine the guys all touching Kirsty at once while she held it? I will say that the total charge does not increase, but gets divided among the number of people touching you…but still it is an awesome feeling.

And this, folks, is another reason why my motto is…Try everything…TWICE. I would have never thought I would like electro play until I discovered I am a slut for it. Oh damn, does that mean one day I may actually have to try those damned sensory deprivation hoods? Secret: I did something with the last chapter of Ægir’s Wife that I almost never do…I wrote something that I have not personally tried. Then again I have never met my Bjorn, whom I trust enough to do that with. So until I do…I guess I am safe from having to put my money where my mouth is on that one.

So was that FREAKY enough for your Friday? Tomorrow I tone it down…just a bit…with Sensual Saturday. How about we talk about the perfect massage? Join me then.

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