REAL Woman Wednesday…

Okay so it would be totally chicken shit cop out if this first REAL Woman Wednesday, I did not put my own fat/thick/curvy ass in the HOT seat. And I save my chicken for important things like…roller coasters, heights, confined spaces and I am sure a few more phobias I am forgetting. But asking other people to expose themselves to public ‘scrutiny’ when I won’t is not one of them. So here goes.

Of course the funny part is the interview…try interviewing yourself sometime.

Me: So Tara, how long have you been a writer?

Me2: Honestly, since almost from the moment that I learned to read and discovered that through the magic of books I could escape my reality. Be anyone. Go anywhere. Even travel back in time…or into the future. Do anything. Of course, I was a bit of a late bloomer since I have a mild form of dyslexia that made learning to read a challenge.

Me: Was there one moment in time when you KNEW you were a writer?

Me2: In sixth grade, when I got only the second spanking I can ever remember. My math teacher caught me writing a fairy tale for my new cousin in her class. Of course, I did not get spanked for that…but for lying to my mother and plagiarising her signature. And while I have drifted into and out of writing for the rest of my life I am reminded of this scene from Sister Act 2 whenever I do drift away. My life is never complete if I am not writing…besides those crazy people in my head won’t ever leave me alone if I don’t tell their stories.

Me: So where do you get these stories? I mean they aren’t real people? You don’t REALLY do that stuff, right?

Me2: No, they are not completely real people, but yes, often I am inspired by real people and real events. And to answer that last question…a girl does not kiss and tell. A few people are damned happy about that one too. But I will say that the whole Ægir’s series was the result of a single encounter a couple of years ago with a sea captain…in Tilbury. Not saying anything more than…ROPE. My writer’s mind though never stops. On the way back home, looking at the dark night zoom past the train window, I thought…Oh my god! With me tied up like that, he could have simply set sail…kidnapped me. The rest you will have to read for yourself in Ægir’s Captive. But no, he did not have two hot younger brothers waiting to lend a…

Oh, while we are talking sex, I perved over your friend Sam’s interview. Yes, I read profiles as well as swoon over hairy chests…and his was worth it. So for the record…fav color is purple. Fav food is Turkish. And fav position besides tied up is doggy.

Me: (Laughing) Yes, well, are you familiar with the term…TMI? 

Me2: No, what is that? My older kids keep telling me it all the time, but I never listen to them any more than they did me.

Me: And what is your next project?

Me2: I am working on a couple of things actually. I am busily editing Ægir’s Captive with some truly major changes and hope to release that as an e-book to not just Amazon but several distributors in early October under the new title Njord’s Captive. I am also working on Shared Burdens, Book 3 in the Sergeant Mike Miracle Tour novella series. This is the biggie where he finally meets Esther…and yes, there will be sex. Though not the usual too-hot-to-handle Tara Neale whips and chains. After all some people in this world actually enjoy vanilla sex…or so I am told.

Me: Yes, well, thank you for stopping by. We look forward to seeing more of you.

Me2: Oh, I think you see quite enough of me if you watch that video.

Oh…and I know the video is screwy but I am a techie virgin (something about me needs to be).

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