REAL Man Monday…

This week I am launching a new format for this blog. From now on there will be daily themes. And being Monday, I thought nothing to cheer us girls up more than REAL Man Monday. This Playboy style piece will feature the real men in our lives…husbands, boyfriends, best friends, brothers, hell if you are brave enough to ask even bosses. The only rule…no Photoshop, oiled up, muscle bound perfection. We want to show that REAL men are sexy…just as they are.

So to get us started off right, girls, I will introduce to my oldest and perhaps one of my closest friends…Sam. Sam is 24 and in addition to being my best friend is the Dom I turned to at my lowest point just to get me through a really bad day. He has been that friend and confidant that we all want. Oh, and we have a little bet going, folks…so I really need ya’ll to LIKE up on him. I am a sore loser.

Me: So, Sam, thanks for agreeing to another of my crazy schemes. And being a good sport about it too…So let’s jump right into those silly sex mag type questions. What is your favorite color?

Sam: Deep blue.

Me: And your favorite food?

Sam: Ham, mushroom and cheese pizza.

Me: Getting a bit tougher here. What is your favorite thing to do on a date?

Sam: On a date, I’d like to chill in my room and talk to the person on my webcam.

Me: (mouth drops open)…

Sam: That was just a nod at you (laughing). Not what I’d like to do on a date.

Me: Then real answer please?

Sam: I have no idea. I’ve never dated.

Me: There is always the cheesy…long walk on the deserted beach.

Sam: I wouldn’t mind a walk to be honest. Somewhere quiet where I can talk to the person and get to know them. Rather than a crowded restaurant.

Me: OK…get ready for the REALLY hard one here. Au natural, shaved or landing strip?

Sam: (laughing) The truth is I have no real preference. Disappointed?

Me: Not at all…now I don’t feel guilty. I have not shaven in close to two months. What’s the point? It’s not like anyone is burying their tongue down there.

Sam: Nothing wrong with someone burying their tongue down there, regardless.

Me: (Blushes…thinking I should be more careful about my questions in the future…especially with my best friends.) I guess I just felt all guys liked it shaved.

Sam: Some do maybe but not me.

So, girls, that is my longest running friendship…almost from the moment I separated from my ex-husband, Sam and I have been online friends. And even though we live less than 30 miles apart we have never met…because Sam has social anxiety. A real life issue…for a REAL Man. So please click that like button and let him know that REAL women like their men as REAL and flawed as they are. (Oh, and keep me from losing this bet…it took a lot of work to convince him to do this for you!)

And tomorrow is…Tease Tuesday…you will get to read an excerpt from re-writes on Njord’s Captive (formerly Ægir’s)…that you won’t be able to see anywhere else…at least not for a couple of months until it comes out as an e-book. (OH…and if I can convince Sam…wouldn’t he make the PERFECT Mikael, girls? Hairy chest…full beard? And REAL not Photoshopped, oiled and overly muscular.)

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