Guess What?

Damn…it is late. I am exhausted and the kitchen is still a disaster zone. But it is all your fault…I wrote over 6,500 words today to finish off Chapter 2 of Ægir’s Wife. So obviously no time or energy for a brilliant and insightful blog into my kinky and dirty mind. Instead you are going to have to settle as my kids sometimes did for…leftovers… Though maybe this would be more a starter or teaser…

Bjorn WindsweptThe golden box in front of her was not what Kirsty wanted to unwrap. Her very delectable husband on the other hand offered much more interesting possibilities. He was clad in her personal preference…nothing but tight jeans that hugged his massive thighs and tight ass. Damn, she really needed to take a few photographs when he was not looking. The man belonged on one of Raquel Graffen’s covers.

Still it would be exceedingly rude of her not to open his present too. She picked up the box and was disappointed to note how light it was. Some part of her had desperately hoped for another flogger to join the sons of Odin. She had become addicted to his flogging skills, begging and pleading when necessary.

She frowned as she thought of what else it might be. Obviously, it was something naughty if he wanted her to open it in private. She ran through a mental check list of items in the toy box, but it was well stocked. They made sure of that. Clamps. Clothes pins that Mikael could rip from her body with a single crack of the bull whip. Bjorn always made sure that the supply of rope and body oils never ran low either. So she truly could not imagine what was in the box, they had covered pretty much everything on her fetish list in the past two months…and then some.

“Open it,” it was not a question and lest she have any doubt the stinging smack to her right butt check punctuated her husband’s annoyance at the moment.

Her fingers trembled as she untied the bow. She slid her nail carefully under the tape not wanting to tear the pretty paper. She and Monika could use it later on one of their art projects. She smiled at the plain brown box. She was getting used to those by now. But even then she was not prepared for what was nestled in the red tissue paper when she lifted the lid.

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