At last…I have arrived!

I re-took the BDSM test today…and at last I feel vindicated. I got 100% submissive. That is what I am talking about!

100% Submissive
97% Bondage receiver
88% girl/boy
85% Masochist
82% Primal (Prey)
71% Ageplayer
61% Experimentalist
60% Slave
56% Brat
46% Sadist
36% Voyeur
31% Vanilla
28% Exhibitionist
25% Bondage giver
21% Switch
21% Pet
20% Daddy/Mommy
13% Dominant
10% Primal (Hunter)
7% Brat tamer
6% Master/Mistress
5% Degradation receiver
2% Owner
1% Non-monogamist
1% Degradation giver
1% All-Rounder

Only one I marginally disagree with is vanilla…but then too I do place a lot more emphasis on the relationship itself these days.

Sorry I dare you…take it and share at least part of your results in the comments. Double dare you…it is FUN!

One thought on “At last…I have arrived!

  1. dare accepted i took it and got

    97%—-Bondage receiver
    96%—-Degradation receiver
    89%—–Primal (prey)
    81%—–Slave (although i thought i would be higher up on this one)
    74%—–Voyeur (also thought i’d be higher up
    66%—–Non-Monogamist (don’t know how to feel about that one)
    47%—-Pet (i do like to just sit at my Master’s feet and just have him stroke my hair)
    30%—-Brat (DAMN RIGHT!!!)
    6%——Dominant ( confused I’m not dominant at all in any aspect)
    5%—–Master/Mistress (again WHAT THE HECK!!!?????)
    2%—–Primal (Hunter) (??????????!!!!!!!!!!)
    1%——-Degradation giver (!!!!!!???)
    0%—-Bondage Giver
    0%—Brat Tamer
    0%—-Vanilla (does a happy dance)
    0%—All rounder

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