Calm after the storm…

Summer is winding down…the kids are back to school…and in London the weather is rainy and chilly, but then again that is pretty much all year long.

After re-releasing two books and releasing two more in the space of three months, a month long visit from my son, who teaches in China, and dragging PanKwake all over the place with friends, who go to school, I took the past week off…sort of anyway. I sit in as clean a house as it gets with me (I am an organized hoarder and I believe a home is a refuge and a fortress for your battered soul and not a show place). I am even beginning to plan the last four months of this year, which are stacking up to be just as busy as the past three have been.

But oh well for this one moment…there is quiet and calm…the eye of a hurricane.

Eye of the hurricane

Tomorrow morning it is up bright and early to work on Kirsty, Sven, Bjorn and Mikael…an early Christmas present.

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