One’s on the way…

I received a anonymous feedback from a Literotica fan today. Am I abandoning the Ægir’s series? It has only been a bit more than two weeks since I posted Chapter 1 of the third and final book in the triology, Ægir’s Wife. Yes, it maybe close to a whole month between chapters…this time. But the reason is simple…

Writers do not have only children. Like my real life one…we have BIG families. In particular, having competed close to half a dozen times and placed 2nd in the Survivor contest three times…my family is FUCKING huge. Two-hundred and thirty-three (yes…233) stories and poems on Lit…and only a handful are finished. And I have some amazing babies that I have not touched in months as I focused on Ægir’s. Stories like Night Walker’s Woman, Fall of Man and the rest of the Apocalypse series that I began with The Arrangement.

Yes, I get back to Ægir’s first thing Monday morning…and I will finish it…this year. But like my kids, I must divide my attention…giving to the one that needs me the most. My all-time top rated and multi-Lit award winning series is my Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour series that includes the short story Red, White and Blue Halloween, Esther’s Story and My Country Tis of Thee has been calling to me for over two years to finish Book 2…Labor’s End. And I did. I am also working on expanding Esther’s Story into Book 3 Shared Burdens. As well as editing Ægir’s Captive for release as an ebook.

For the tiny bit of money I am making right now…I work ridiculously hours at the writing job. But I am used to a job with long hours, low pay and little gratitude…motherhood has totally prepared me for it. It has all taught me…to love all my kids the same and different. So now that Labor’s End is finished…I am going to be showing Kirsty, Sven, Mikael and Bjorn some lovin’ again. Just bear with me…remind me of this very old Loretta Lynn song…

One is a toddlin’, one is a crawlin’ and one’s on the way…

And yeah…my life is just that crazy!

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