I’m Back!


Not that I really went anywhere. I have just been so darn busy writing that I had no time for blogging. Since July, I have written a 35K word novella for an anthology called The More The Merrier 2 with some amazing Lit authors like Tara Crescent, Jennifer Bene and Anne A. Lois.

Nothing Done in Love is the title of my contribution:

If in your darkest hour, you were gifted with a second opportunity to fulfil your deepest fantasy, would you have the courage to Chase your Chance at love and happiness?

But by far my greatest labor of love is always my Sergeant Mike stories…of which I have FINALLY finished Book 2 Labor’s End. This is the story Mike’s first war, Desert Storm, and the best friend, who died in his arms in that hot, dry desert. Mike is going back to Oklahoma to care for his friend’s father, who is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s.

It is a drastic departure from my lighter, sexier Ægir’s fare. It is a darque and realistic look at PTSD and the reminder that Freedom is never Free.

BUT My Country Tis of Thee, Book 1 in the Sergeant Mike Miracle Tour, will be this Friday and Saturday to celebrate the release of Labor’s End. If you have not read it, please download at Amazon while it is free. And if you have, then please leave a review. They make all the difference to us writers.

And yes, I have not forgotten Kirsty…and Sven…and Bjorn…and Mikael. I managed to write and post Chapter 1 of Book 3 Ægir’s Wife between Navy SEALs and US Marines. I am working on Chapter 2 now, a very special Christmas present for her from Bjorn and Mikael.

So that is my chaos…how have you been?

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