I Did It!!!

Okay, I took a month off of writing everyone’s beloved Ægir’s to work on something else…a novella for an anthology with my writing group. I had also hoped to write Labor’s End…Book 2 of Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour, but that did not happen. So now I am under double pressure to write that and new Ægir’s Wife. Oh the things I do to please ya’ll…but you’re worth it…or I hope one day this will be.

Anyway a bit of a teaser about Nothing Done in Love…

Katie is an inexperienced kindergarten teacher, who is losing her beloved mother to breast cancer.

Or a couple of them...
Or a couple of them…

Chance and Chase are identical twin brothers and former Navy SEALs who have spent a decade in some of the toughest war zones on this planet. With the emotional…and physical scars to show for it. But the one thing that always got them through the toughest of times was remembering that special night when they came so close to heaven…when they held their best friend in their arms and shared stolen kisses with the one woman they both loved…and always would.

Now they are back in her life, called by her dying mother to help her through the dark days to come. Because the one thing that psychic activist Joy Danver’s always taught her only child was…Nothing Done in Love…can ever be wrong.

2 thoughts on “I Did It!!!

    1. It is….but changed so much that the 35K word novella is barely recognizable from the 5k work short story. Even changed the guys’ names to something sexier…Chance and Chase.

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