Will the true Wonder Woman please stand up?

Life sucks… That is actually one of my deepest tenants. Whether you are a single mother with a special needs child. Or battling a life limiting illness (depression, autism, diabetes, cancer, MS, who cares they all qualify). Or are one of the true super heroes, the men and women who served their country only to be left alone to suffer the after-effects of PTSD. Hell, from the looks of the headlines even spoiled brats have so many problems and pains that they turn to drugs that kill them in the end. Like I said… life SUX.

My other tenant though is… Love is the only thing that makes it worth living. Now as a romantic and an idealist, I want and have spent a whole fucking lifetime looking for that illusive thing called a soul-mate. That one special person that makes you complete. And maybe such a thing does exist. Maybe out there somewhere…the world is a big place after all. But who has the time or patience to wait for some day? Someone else to make you happy?

Maybe not the Hollywood version, but MY true heroine nonetheless.
Maybe not the Hollywood version, but MY true heroine nonetheless.

A few months ago as I was going through this really tough place, I was a meme on FaceBook. It was Wonder Woman (the Linda Carter one) and it said…

She needed a hero.
So she became one.

And I thought…too fucking right. Stop waiting for someone else to save your ass. Stop waiting for one day. Stop waiting to win the lottery. Just stop waiting.

If you want change, if you want love, if you want success…do it your own damned self. As Ghandi said…be the change you seek.

So last week when I went to Comic Con, I knew I had to go as Wonder Woman. And let me tell you…I earned my fucking cape that day (I still am). Nothing went to plan…does it fucking ever? It was one of the toughest days of my life…and I am still dealing with the repercussions of that day. But I am doing it. I am making my choices based upon my ideals, beliefs and the best information I have available at the time. Which is all that any of us can do.

So hell yeah, I might not be 20-something. I might not be model thin. I might not be a pretty as someone else. Or as smart. Or definitely as rich. But damn it, I am all I got. And I will fucking take care of business…cause I am a TRUE Wonder Woman.

What super hero are you?

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