‘Baby’ Doms…

So today I got a message on ‘that’ site. From a Dom. A 19 year old one. I know some people think ‘what the fuck’. That 19 years old and Dom are yet another set of oxymorons. Now for over a year now I have pretty much ignored and/or deleted/blocked every single message or friends request from a Dom. Not interested. But this time, I actually returned his message…I thought I would share that with you…

I hope that you will take this message in the spirit in which it is intended. Good will and motherly advice…

I am not one of those purists who thinks that just because you are young you cannot be Dominant. Honestly, I believe those are roles which are hard wired into our personalities as much as extrovert/introvert. What is more, I have known doms my age who do not know jack-shit about being one or even a man. And I have known several ‘baby’ Doms as I call them who understand what it means to be a respectful, loving, responsible partner, lover and Dominant. I hope that you will one day be one of those and in that vain, I wish to offer some of my experience…wisdom…

First of all, complete your profile before you try approaching women. The smart ones will always look past your cute face and be more interested in who you are…your mind, your interests, your kinks. So instead of sending out dozens (???) of two word messages, spend some real time exploring who you are…and put that on paper.

Second, write…any woman worth having for more than a night is more interested in your thoughts than the cock pic on your profile…please tell me you don’t have one of those. Look at K&P, the Doms with all the women are the ones that write about their ideas.

Third, when you are ready to send messages to women…1) choose your type and do so for a specific reason. 2) Then rather than two words, take the time to tell her why you wrote to her. That is what impresses us. Did you read my profile? What about it did you like? That sort of thing.

And please…please do not be one of those stupid little boys that thinks that all older or curvy women are just going to be so fucking grateful for a cute, young stud. We are not. We have earned our wings. We have fought through shit loads of assholes who think that to get to the point that we know who the fuck we are and why the fuck we deserve better.

If you want to be with someone who truly can help you grow into a man and Dominant worth a damn, then you too need to up your game…cause a cute face and a thick cock don’t impress real women much. We want MEN who know that they are the lucky bastards to have someone of such strength, intelligence, compassion and passion at their side, in their bed, or on their arm. And especially kneeling before them.

There is a meme I love so much that says it best…

Sometimes it is better to have a table for one than to be dining with the 'wrong' person
Sometimes it is better to have a table for one than to be dining with the ‘wrong’ person

I hope at least some of what I say here makes some sense. I hope you choose to grow into one of those amazing ‘baby’ Doms (and none of the men to whom I have gifted that title are the least offended as they know I mean it with the utmost respect…I have known men twice their age that were half the men and Doms they were).

Good luck and Goddess bless,

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