Big Announcement…

For those of you, who have been following this blog for awhile now know that last month was my 50th…BIG 5-OH…birthday. And I bitched, complained and moaned like the brat I am only on occasion. The big day came…and went…and I realized I did not act, look or think half as old as some of my friends almost half my age. It was just a number and not even a particularly important one your bra size…or XYZ for you guys (just kidding).

What you do not know is that just before I began this blog, I went through another crisis with my precious PanKwake. I had wasted a year and caused myself all kind of stress trying to access social services help for her autism. In the end, I gave up because the strings attached to the money meant it was not worth it. I literally told them…shove your money where the sun don’t shine.

Then I faced the hard truth that…I had WASTED a year of my life trying to get a tiny bit of money when I could have been so much closer to goal of going home (American who has been held hostage…virtually…in London for almost a decade) if I had invested even half of that energy into writing. So that is what I decided to do…take back my FATE…write my own check…and control our destiny myself (as much as you can with destiny anyway…talking about oxymorons).

About this same time I stumbled upon this meme on my Facebook feed, I not only loved and shared it…I downloaded it, printed it out and lamented the damn thing and put it up on my goals quilt…front and center.

Damn straight I am!
Damn straight I am!

So this week those two epiphanies fused and motivated me to do something totally wild and crazy (not at all like me, right?). I spoke with my adult daughter and we decided that we were going to London Comic Con this Friday. We are making it a family affair as another of my adult sons will be back for a month long visit after teaching in China for a year. I begged and pleaded since she has a Star Trek costume that we dress up. But she steadfastly refused, saying it is too hot. Maybe for her costume…but screw them…Mommy is dressing up. In a red corset, mini-skirt and cape…as Wonder Woman.

I figure after releasing my first full-length novel, re-releasing two novellas and finishing two other novels in less than four months…I deserve the fucking title. And I am claiming it. As it says…She needed a hero. So she became one. That is me, Wonder Woman. And today I began sewing my skirt and cape. And yes…there will be pics of me on the day. So if you ain’t followed me on Twitter or friended me on Facebook you gonna have to wait.

4 thoughts on “Big Announcement…

  1. Congratulations on your birthday and your epiphany. These events, coming so close together, are surely linked. Undoubtably you are being reborn as the hero you so desperately need (and deserve!). Citius! Altius! Fortius! Best regards.

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