Whatcha’ doin’?

I thought I would take a few minutes to give you all an update on everything that is up with Tara. Of course, I have now released The Arrangement on Amazon. With the help of my wonderful editor, I have also uploaded clean editions of Mother Earth Murders and My Country Tis of Thee at Amazon too.


At Literotica, I am winding down with the final chapter of Ægir’s Bride, but that is not the end of Kirsty, Sven, Mikael, Bjorn and the others. There will be a third book…Ægir’s Wife…to straighten out the shit between Kirsty and Sven. I think *fingers crossed* that this will be a trilogy series…one husband for each book…sort of anyway. She won/seduced Bjorn in Captive. She broke through Mikael’s walls in this one. And that final one, she wins her ‘man’ with Sven. Of course, not as simple as all that…loads of surprises.

BUT the bad news…you are gonna have to wait a bit between Bride and Wife as I am working on a short story/novella for an anthology with my writer’s group. I then need to write Book 2 in the Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour series (Esther’s Story and My Country Tis of Thee here…popular and award winning, some of my best). I will be releasing that in time for American Labor Day (first Monday in September) and hopefully Book 3, Shared Burdens, shortly there after.

I have also begun re-writes on Ægir’s Captive with totally new material. I am closing a major plot hole and answering the deep question of why Kirsty surrendered to her guys so quickly. And if you are very good (or naughty) boys and girls, I might even post a snippet of the new Chapter 1 here as a teaser tomorrow. What you think?

So fingers crossed Chapter 12 of Ægir’s Bride will be up before this weekend…and I am hoping to be back to Wife by the 1st of August. But you are all free to pester me on Facebook or in the comments here.

Oh…and yes, there will be future spin-offs of this tale…a retro of Rachel’s struggles as well as another surprising kidnapping of Kirsty’s friend when she comes to the wedding and Christening…but no more spoilers of whose wedding or who’s your daddy. And more of The Arrangement crew too as volcanoes around the world begin to boil and spew. Was Doc right? Could this really be the end of the world?

One thought on “Whatcha’ doin’?

  1. can´t wait for the new chapter and for all the new projects you have planed and (gets on her knees) please please please put the chapter 1 snippet here please with a cherry on top 🙂

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