A few days ago, one of my Facebook friends posted a message on his profile…you know the one…Hate being single, where are all the good women sort of thing. Fair enough, in my low moments I either have been tempted to post similar and maybe even given into that temptation once or twice. The thing is that he included this long list of the attributes that he seeks in a woman…again nothing wrong with that. The thing that got me was…employed, sophisticated and stylish. Again nothing wrong with that…except this guy is in his 20s, uses ALL CAPS, smiley faces and text speak on every single FB post.

Sometimes it is better to have a table for one than to be dining with the 'wrong' person
Sometimes it is better to have a table for one than to be dining with the ‘wrong’ person

What he wants is to ‘bat above his average.’ Again nothing wrong with that. Goddess knows I have (and am). But the thing is when you are batting above or trying to, you need to think seriously about what you bring to the table. Exactly why should this ‘perfect’ guy/gal be interested in someone like you? What qualities do you have…or should you be working on that makes you special and ‘worthy’ of this person?

That is a question that we should all spend sometime thinking about…whether we are batting above or below our average. Whether we are in a relationship, looking for one or happy all alone. What are your good qualities?


  • Great cook
  • Wonderful mother with 4 amazing adults to prove it
  • Intelligent
  • Caring/nurturing
  • …and an unforgettable Fuck.

Thing is that when you look at your list…you come to appreciate your good qualities and realize what this person sees in you. Then you understand…you deserve them…just as much as they do you.

One thought on “Picky…picky…PICKY…

  1. Great post. I see an analogy with writing. You can focus on all the agents, publishers, critics, and readers who suck, or you can focus on becoming the best writer you can possibly be.

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