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In honor of the 4th of July, My Country Tis of Thee, Book 1 in the Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour will be FREE tomorrow and Saturday on Amazon…

My Country Tis of Thee

Master Sergeant Michael O’Malley is a man on a mission. After over twenty years in the US Marine Corp and more tours of duty than he wants to remember, his retirement plans are simple: hop on the back of his brand new Harley and tour the country, checking in on the men and women that he served with…and the families of the ones that never made it back.

My Country Tis of Thee is the first novella in the Sergeant Mike series. It is the story of a young Latino, who gave his life for a country that was not even his own. As with all of the stories in this series, it will touch upon the complex issues of how our country treats tens of thousands of soldiers and their families who defend their adopted country so valiantly. It also includes a motely band of Vietnam and Korean veterans, who honor their comrades and country by attending all the military funerals in the area.

Sergeant Mike is a 3 time Literotica winner (Halloween contest and two monthly awards). While its sexual content is MILD…for me anyway, its story line is not. WARNING: To all my Vet readers, please be aware that these books deal with the complex nature of a man dealing with PTSD and as such may be strong triggers for some.

Oh…and I REALLY need reviews for this book. If you do download and review, please send me an email and as a thank you I will send you the next book in the series Labor’s End for FREE when it is released on Amazon in late August…just in time for Labor Day.

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