12 Things You Always Wanted to Know About the Penis…

Been busy here today but thanks to my friend JP’s Facebook feed, I found something really interesting to share with you. After my whole week long series about the 7 Types of Female Orgasm (gonna make you search through my archives if you missed it…nah-nah), I figured sharing this is the least I can do for the the guys. Honestly, the reason is simple…I know more about vaginas, clits and g-spots…cause I got dem. So’s I knows how dey work. Not that this girl don’t know a thing or two about how a cock does too.

The Sun article (Oh wait…damn I should have checked my sources…the Sun and NHS? Well have a laugh anyway).

My fav was number 2…Waking up with ‘morning glory’ is pretty common, but it’s actually the last in a series of around FIVE nighttime erections which last between 25-35 minutes. The cause of these mysterious erections is not known.

That one made my friends’ feed…so here is my innocent response to that fact…

“Oh the things we girls are missing…ride’em cowgirl…just hop into the saddle, slap that bum and yell…giddy up cowboy!”

Dick picsIt did not make this list, but my fav is always the old one about the average erect penis being between five and seven inches. Did those stupid ‘experts’ not figure out when it comes to cocks there is a hell of a big difference between five and seven. In girl talk that is like walking ten miles up hill barefoot on black asphalt through Death Valley or driving to Vegas in a convertible with the top down (the cars…and/or yours) and a bottle of wine in your hand as you shout…Ye-Haw.

Of course, on the other hand, don’t despair guys if you got closer to the fiver…just check out Happy O #4 and take the back door.

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