I will be starting a newsletter soon as the first line of 411 for all my readers. It will feature:

  • Information on upcoming releases
  • Articles about sex…love…romance…and life
  • Loads more shit…including…it will be the only place that readers can get a sneak peak at Rings of Fire, Book 2 in the Apocalypse series. I will include a chapter of this book in each newsletter…and no, I will not post them at Lit or even here. You have to sign up to get those before the book comes out on Amazon in early 2016.

Arenal Volcano Costa RicaRings of Fire is the story of Brent Jacobs, the ‘mad scientist’ volcanologist, that appeared in cameo in The Arrangement. It is also the beginning of the end…that Apocalypse for all your favorite characters from the first book. And you get to see Jill and Daniel and find out which way that four-four split went with those twins she was pregnant with.

If that ain’t enough of a teaser, then how about this…

“Damn it, Brent. I can’t just drop everything and jump on a plane half way across the world, because of another one of your crazy theories,” Lauren Masters was losing patience with her ex-husband.

Brent Jacobs was brilliant. It was what had attracted her to him from the moment they met at summer science camp. She had been nine and at twelve he was already the star of their little world. His ideas were extreme at times, more fiction than science but always with enough basis in accepted principles not to be easily dismissed.

Of course, it had been a dozen years before Brent had noticed her. His All-American blond good-looks and blue eyes set him apart from other doctoral candidates at Oxford. While she was a lowly undergraduate taking his tutorial on plate tectonics. With her Scottish ginger hair and freckles, the last thing she expected was for Brent to be attracted to her.

But from the beginning he called it a meeting of the minds. And when their bodies met a few months later, Lauren swore it was a nine point eight on the Richter scale. But their marriage had been more like the Pacific Ring of Fire…seemingly constant eruptions, molten lava and endless destruction.

“Lauren, listen to me.” He pleaded on the other end of the Skype video conference. Even in the dim light that enveloped him, she could see the dark circles and worry lines that were beginning to mar his gorgeous visage. Of course, at forty most men had a few lines here and there. But they seemed deeper, more pronounced than they had just a few weeks ago when he had visited.

“Lauren, god damn it. Those are my girls too. And I want…NEED…to know they are safe.” She could see him running his fingers through his short cropped hair with just enough waves to tempt any woman to do the same. Goddess knew she had loved doing it. So many, many times.

“Brent, I am in the middle of exams here. I have two papers in the final stages of edits for Science and the Royal Society. And Elise has not been doing well lately. I was called to the school twice this week. You know that she cannot manage those kinds of sudden changes. It just isn’t possible right now,” she tried to sound logical even if she knew his once great mind was beyond logic.

“I did not want it to come to this,” he said before the screen went black.

Lauren considered trying to ring him back. Demand to know what he meant by ‘come to this.’ Her skin prickled. When he was determined, Brent was almost like the tsunamis that they studied, unstoppable and dangerous to anything or anyone that stood in his way.

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